February 24, 2017

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  • I knew around 6:30 this morning that I didn't set my alarm for this morning and I did secretly hope that we would be able to snooze a bit longer than usual and blame it on the lack of alarm. However, Whitman was in our room at the normal time and we were soon starting our morning.
  • I couldn't really lollygag around too long this morning because we had one more day of school to complete this week. This was another four day week-we have had lots of them these last 2 months and that makes me happy. I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel-the kids reading pages are coming to an end, handwriting books are over for almost everyone and other little odds and ends are almost finished.
  • I had laid out work for Whitman to do this morning to do during school and Keaton and he worked on it during the morning-they never touched her work though. Even though I should have been finished working with the kids earlier than usual this morning I was not. It wasn't until 11:30 that we started on our working together for today. 
  • That meant that lunch was well after 12. The kids straightened some while I heated up pizza for the boys, made sandwiches for the little girls and warmed a baked potato for Reagan. Everyone seemed to enjoy their lunch and ate and ate while I read on of our new library books.
  • The kid went outside a bit this afternoon and then came inside until the neighbors finally appeared. Once the neighbors were out, our people disappeared for the rest of the afternoon and even some of the evening. Campbell and Reagan were out until 7! 
  • Whitman spent most of his afternoon laying on or wrapped up in a large brown piece of paper. I am not really sure what he thinks it is or why he is doing it but it is a bit funny. Tonight while they were watching a movie, he was covered with a blanket but underneath that blanket is his sheet of brown paper.
  • Keaton had a birthday party to go to at 6 so I had to call her in to change clothes. We loaded up and went to the party. It was at a place filled with jumpys and the girl had a blast. She jumped and jumped and was so hot and sweaty when they finally stopped. The had pizza and cake at the party. When the goodie bags were handed out, we walked out to leave-we were on the sidewalk when Keaton said, "my shoes!" Ha! I was about to leave her shoes there.
  • Back at home, Robby had heated up more leftovers for the kids and they had just settled in to watch a crazy long football movie when we returned home. I quietly ate my Chinese food that I had picked up on the way home and then settled in a corner to write the blog. 

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