February 27, 2017

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  • I had to wake up Whitman and Keaton this morning. I walked into the girls' room and noticed that Campbell wasn't in her bed and I already knew that she wasn't downstairs. I glanced in Reagan's bed and didn't think that I saw her there but then I looked and saw her all cuddled up in Keaton's bed. I asked her when she climbed in bed with Keaton and she said that she did before it was lights out time.
  • Robby took Whitman to Nonna's house for the morning and Keaton to school. Ms. Stacy wasn't there but Keaton still took in her Daffodils for today's D show and tell. Whitman was having lots of fun at Nonna's house because Nonna had made him a fort and he had a blast playing in it.
  • The rest of us started on school and since Graham and Campbell did much of their work yesterday, they were finished early, early. Reagan picked her easiest items to do today and since her math this week was pretty easy, she was also done very early. We worked together a bit earlier than usual and were soon doing chores and eating lunch all before noon.
  • At 12, we loaded up to pick up Keaton and Whitman from Nonna's house. We had a field trip today to Central High School National Historic Site. Our home school buddies were there as well.
  • The first thing we did was listened to the tour guide read a Dr. Seuss book-who knew Dr. Seuss wrote a book about racism. Then we walked to Central and went through the building while our tour guide told us lots of information. Once back inside the museum, we watched the film and then toured the exhibits. At supper tonight, the kids told Robby about everything that they had learned and I was quite surprised at all of the information that they had taken in.
  • After we left Central, we drove around the capitol building to see the statues of the Little Rock Nine and then headed to Sonic to pick up our happy hour drinks to celebrate good behavior during our field trip. 
  • Once at home, the kids watched some tv until the neighbors came out and then the house emptied and the kids stayed out until after 7. Robby and I were just about to walk down and get the kids when I heard them come creeping up the driveway. Now when I was a 5 or 11 or any age in between, I would have never walked from our neighbors house to our house in the dark. It is dark, dark outside and even though we have on every light imaginable for them to see better, it was still dark. My people didn't seem to mind at all. First to walk up was Anderson followed by Graham and Reagan. I quickly asked about their sisters-I had thought that they had probably left them behind but they were right behind the others.Anderson didn't have his bike so they didn't even have his bike tire lights.
  • Once inside, we ran everyone through the showers and by the time that they had dried off, Robby was serving up his waffles. We had strawberries and sausage along with the waffles and we ate everyone that we had cooked. I do believe that waffles might be one of the favorite meals around here.
  • We watched one tv show before bed (Innovation Nation) and then the kids were put to bed. The boys were not able to do any reading tonight because of too much excitement upstairs last night. The girls were able to read for a bit and I do believe that Campbell is upstairs finishing up tomorrow's school before tomorrow even begins.

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