February 10, 2017

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  • Reagan and Graham were working on their school work this morning before I even got myself out of bed. Campbell took care of waking up Keaton and Whitman today and brought them down to our bedroom. 
  • Soon we were eating breakfast. We haven't had yogurt in a while and I was quite surprised that we were almost able to finish off a whole big container of yogurt in just one sitting. What in the world will we do when they are all teenagers at once?
  • Everyone started on school-Graham and Reagan were done in lightening speed. It seemed like everyone did spend time with Keaton or Whitman today. Anderson and Campbell read to him as part of their school and Graham worked with Keaton on counting. They got to about 25 and Keaton stopped like it was the end of the numbers and got up and left the room. Maybe that is as high as they count at school or maybe that is as high as she has ever heard me count. I had thought that maybe they could work on counting to a hundred but she was gone before I could even say anything else.
  • My part of the school day was finished early this morning and I had worked with everyone by 10ish. That gave me plenty of time to finish a few chores and pull school work out for next week (it seems to be a never ending process.) A bit after 11, we began our science and history. 
  • Today our history was about Ezekiel and they suggested that you flatten our a piece of bread like a scroll and eat it-just as he ate a scroll in the Bible. That sounded neat and I was about to suggest it when I remembered that we had no bread in this house! We continued working on our leftovers for lunch plus I made some pigs in a blanket. 
  • Afterwards, we worked on picking up this place and then everyone pretty much laid low until Grannymom and Grandpa came over to pick up Keaton. She had been packed since before 9 this morning and had really thought through everything that she wanted to bring-her mermaid blanket, colored pens, paper so she didn't have to use Grannymoms, a coat for in case they walked Wilson and popcorn to eat for a snack.
  • Once they had left, the kids watched a few movies but before long they were outside. Whitman was happy watching his movie in my bedroom so I got on the treadmill. After a while, he came upstairs with me and was pretty interested in my Rachel Ray tv show. At one point, I heard Campbell calling me so I stopped and heard her ask, "Is Whitman with you?" I guess she had walked through downstairs and didn't see him so she thought she better check. I tell you, I am so glad that my crew takes such good care of each other.
  • The kids were outside playing when Robby came home, so we just decided to eat at home. Graham and Anderson had hamburgers, Whitman had a corn dog, Campbell had chicken tortillas and Reagan shared sweet and sour chicken with me (from a bag but still pretty decent.)
  • Robby and Campbell then ran to the grocery store while the rest of us hung out on the couch. When they returned, we ate some ice cream and then watched a few Innovation Nation tv shows before bedtime. Whitman fell asleep while watching the show and I was close behind him but soon the shows were over and it was bedtime.

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