February 13, 2017

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  • At 11:50, I was woken when someone was walking around upstairs. Then I could hear footsteps in the kitchen opening the fridge. I figured it was Reagan but I couldn't tell if she was getting water or sneaking a drink of coke.
  • Later at 3:30 this morning, I again was woken up with someone walking above my head. Then I heard Keaton shouting, "Momma, I don't feel good." When I made it upstairs, she was hugging the potty crying, "I want to go to school." I assured her that school was many, many hours away.
  • We sat there for a bit and she never did get sick. I brought her down to our room and she was soon sound asleep and slept all night long. I am not sure why that child gets sick so often-this is only the second time this year but gracious. The first thing that I did this morning was to write down what she ate yesterday so I could have a record of it. 
  • Robby dropped Whitman off at Nonna's house and then took Keaton to school. He came home to work from here while I did speed school with the kids. I only had until 10:10 before I had to leave. We managed to get most everything in before I sped off to school.
  • Ms Stacy has 12 kids in her class and most everyone had one or two parents there so it was a pretty crowded classroom. The kids had cookies and then it was time for a few games-Keaton's favorite was bingo which she finally won.
  • Then it was time to pass out Valentines. This wasn't too hard since they just went down the line stuffing Valentines in bags. Keaton brought the take home treats so she was happy to get to pass them out and then it was time to head home.
  • I dropped Keaton off at Nonna's house so she could get her grandma time in for the day. Then I rushed back home to check a day's worth of school work. I was about to work on lunch when I called someone to ask about their sandwhich choice and Robby told me that they were already outside.
  • That was fine so I sat and did some work on the computer before finally making lunch around 1. The kids spent most of the afternoon outside playing. The neighbors weren't out too much but my people still found things to do outside. I did have to kick Reagan out since she could stay inside and watch movies all day long.
  • Whitman asked to walk to the neighbors house with Graham so I let him go but before long they were all back in our yard playing. The kids played until the neighbors went home and once everyone came in, it was shower time.
  • Robby had made potato soup and it was steaming hot. That and the cornbread muffins made everyone happy. After we all ate, the kids worked on a bit of tomorrow's school while Robby and I cleaned the kitchen.
  • Then we all gathered in the living room to watch the movie Enchanted. I made cookies for dessert and we barely finished them by the time the movie was over. The kids had a bit of time to read before lights out tonight-here's hoping for being able to sleep all night tonight!

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