February 16, 2017

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  • On my first walk through the living room this morning, I was stopped so I could help construct a fort. The boys saw a fort yesterday at Noah's house and Graham was working hard on his fort early, early this morning.
  • Whitman had already claimed himself a spot in the fort and was planning on staying there all day long. I wasn't too sure if he was going to be happy about going to school but when I mentioned putting on his clothes, he ran as quick as he could to my room to get ready.
  • I picked Keaton up from her bed and soon she was getting dressed too. By this time, I was having a hard time getting anyone to do anything this morning since everyone was distracted with the fort. By far, this is the best fort we have had in our house-and I do believe that the current plan tonight is for them to sleep in it (wish us all luck.)
  • Robby took Keaton and Whitman off to school and the rest of us started on school work. Graham spent most of school time (and most of the other time that he has been inside today) in the fort. 
  • School went find this morning though my Campbell seemed to take forever. She was wildly distracted with the fort in the living room. We were able to do our history and science this morning while in the tent.
  • Then we played a game of Uno. Anderson was the winner and claimed the family game trophy from Campbell's desk. After the game was over, Keaton and Whitman arrived home and I was soon putting lunch on the plates.
  • After lunch, everyone helped clean up the house and finished what was left of their school work. Then the kids watched some tv until they saw the neighbors came out. Then everyone jumped outside and stayed out until almost 5:30. 
  • Whitman was inside most of the time and once he came to me and told me that he needed someone to lay beside him. I got up and followed him. Then I laid down beside him. He looked at me and said, "Not a big person, I need a little person to lay by me." I had to fetch his bears since he didn't want my company while watching his movie.
  • When they all came inside, the kids took their showers and then it was supper time. Robby made lo mein noodles which they love at pei wei but not so much tonight. It was just a bag of noodles but was definitely not a winner with them. I thought it was fine though.
  • Robby ran to the store to pick up some ice cream for a snack since Reagan traded in a tiny slip of paper that she received in an Easter egg last year. He was excited about the excuse because he was able to also get him a treat while out.
  • Robby returned with 6 cartons of ice cream. The kids had their choice of ice cream and then everyone settled into the living room to watch a movie. Well, Reagan opted for a movie in my bedroom. Afterwards, it was finally bed time-or might I say fort time.
  • Everyone opted to sleep in the fort-yes, it is a pretty big one. Reagan and Graham are sleeping on the tile floor but with the slew of blankets that they have under them, it is probably cozier than their mattresses. Robby left the heater on in there so I know that they will be nice and snuggly. We will just see how long it all lasts-I did lay down a few blankets in my room in case anyone shows up in here in the middle of the night.

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