February 14, 2017-Happy Valentine's Day

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  • I had set my alarm for 7 this morning thinking that it would help me get on up-it didn't. I jumped up at the usual time and started waking up my little people. The big boys were already awake and had already noticed their Valentine's Day goodies laying on the bar.
  • After waking up the girls and grabbing another Valentine shirt for Keaton, I went to wake up Whitman. He wasn't to anxious to wake up until we reminded him that his Valentine's party was this morning.
  • For our Valentine's breakfast, I toasted bagels for everyone. I have my weekly bagel on Wednesday but the kids all turn their noises up at mine since it is cinnamon raisin. Robby bought them some plain bagels and we slathered them with butter and cream cheese. Everyone seemed to enjoy them-except Whitman who ended up going to school with just a few bites of breakfast.
  • We sent Keaton and Whitman off to school and the rest of us started on another round of speed school. I was again able to finish everything that I needed to with the kids-checking math, fixing mistakes, spelling with everyone, English with everyone (Anderson learned about comma splices today-I wish I could say that I already knew what that was but I did not) writing with the boys and reading with Campbell. Also, I was able to throw the dishes out of the dishwasher and fold laundry before jumping in the car myself.
  • Robby was working from home today and was on a call all day long so the kids had to be super quiet. I am pretty sure that they finished their school, did their chores (they did them well since they knew I was checking when I arrived home) and then started playing on their ipads.
  • When I made it to school, Whitman was walking with his class and then he came and sat down in just like Ms. Jennifer said. I am always surprised to see him obeying but he did really well....except for the one time one of his classmates was having a fit. Whitman put his hands over his ears and shouted, "can you keep it down?" Or later, he was hugging the girl in front of him and said, "I love you so much" while he was blowing kisses at her. I had to remind him that we only kiss our sisters-I know that doesn't sound exactly right but he can't be kissing on his classmates.
  • First, his class had cupcakes and then they passed out Valentines. Next up were games-a heart walk (like a cake walk) and Whitman sure knew how to play that game. Then they punched holes in a cup filled with candy. Then the final game was walking with candy hearts on a spoon. He was pretty proud of his bag of candy and Keaton could not wait to get to Grannymom's house to help Whitman go through his loot.
  • I came back home and cleaned up our school stuff and then made grilled cheese for lunch. Robby did gave me my Valentine gift-notebooks, pencils, candy along with my yearly Valentine calendar. The kids finished their chores while I did a few more things before working with Graham to rebuild a lego something or another-I am not even sure what we are building; I just know that finding tiny lego pieces in a bucket full of grey pieces can make a person loose their mind.
  • Before long, it was time to pick up Keaton and Whitman. Campbell rode along with me and chatted the whole drive while I fought the rain. Once at home, everyone had a few minutes before I heated up some roll ups for supper.
  • Then we packed into the car and headed out for our mystery evening. It wasn't that much of a mystery after I whispered to Whitman where we were going. They quickly got the info out of him but weren't too sure their source was reliable. We didn't have to go far and soon were pulling into the movie theater parking lot.
  • We watched the Lego movie. I think that this was Whitman's first movie but it was all of the kids first time to sit in those fancy dancy recliners. We kept the popcorn full and the drink refilled so everyone was perfectly happy during the cute little movie.
  • After the movie was over, it was pouring outside. Robby was going to get the car but everyone seemed to want to get wet so we all took off across the parking lot. We were soaked when we climbed in and headed home for pjs and bed. It was a pretty great Valentine's Day.

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