February 2, 2017

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  • Whitman and all of the girls were sound asleep this morning but when I got around to waking Whitman up, he was quick to jump up and put on his clothes. Today was his turn to bring a stuffed animal to school. Keaton also had to bring a flashlight because they were talking about groundhogs and she couldn't wait either. It is the simple things in life!
  • Robby took them to school while the rest of us started on school here. Grannymom and Grandpa stopped by here a bit this morning and Campbell was quick to share her oral report with them.  The kids worked fairly well this morning and were moving along by the time that I left to pick up Keaton and Whitman. 
  • Robby made lunch-soup and cheese toast-and afterwards I worked with the boys on their oral reports. Sometimes I wonder why we decided to do oral reports this month-it would be easier to just skip this but I guess that it is truly beneficial. 
  • This afternoon the kids talked about going outside but I guess the cool, dreary weather ended up keeping them inside. When I spied the kids at one point, they were all upstairs wrapped in blankets sitting in the dark watching a movie. 
  • When they weren't watching a movie, it seemed that everyone was pretty noisy today. For some reason there was lots of chasing and lots of wrestling-I guess that makes up for their missed outside time.
  • Around 4 this afternoon, Campbell and I started on supper and that girl and I, along with Keaton and Whitman, worked until supper was on the table after 6. We cooked supper from her cookbook that she received that she received for Christmas. 
  • We made baked chicken parmigiana on top of angel hair pasta, along with roasted carrots and tuscan bread (not from the cookbook). I explained to Campbell and cooking was fun but hard work. After tonight's work, I understand why people don't cook-why I don't cook. 
  • Obviously, the bread was the biggest hit. Everyone liked the chicken parmigiana and it would definitely be one that we might make again-if we have a spare hour and half before supper. The carrots were delicious-I thought. Everyone was required to eat one and I think they all did-not sure about Robby though. Whitman choked his down and then looked at me and said "that was terRIble."
  • Since Campbell and I had done most of the cooking, we let everyone else clean up the kitchen. Then we all gathered around the tv to watch the Trumpet of the Swan cartoon. It was a cute little movie and everyone enjoyed it-especially the cookies that Robby baked, iced and sprinkled. 
  • After the movie, we had some extra time before bed so everyone sat around on their devices while we watched a bit of a battlebot show. When the show was over, we read our Bible story and then everyone headed to bed.

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