February 22, 2017

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  • You know it is Bible study day when you the kids are all dressed before I have to ask them or even dressed before I get out of bed. As I was getting myself ready, my boys walked through with their trash bags working on the trash bags. I love people showing some initiative!
  • We listened to our book on the way to Bible study and I do believe that I have decided that I want to start reading all of the kids books that I have never read-no, not read them to the kids but just read them myself. 
  • My people had a great time at Bible study as always. Whitman's teacher told me how he really loved the markers that he used today in his class. (They are now on his birthday list.) Anytime his teachers want to talk, I always get nervous that he has not been nice but she just went on and on about how much he loved those markers. His two teachers are the absolute sweetest ladies ever.
  • We went to the park to play for lunch. My big kids barely eat anything while we are at the park-Anderson even asked me to not even pack him a lunch since he would rather play. The others eat just enough to appease me before running off to play. The ground was wet today so everyone left with pretty wet socks and shoes.
  • At home, Whitamn cried for about 30 minutes. He was just exhausted and nothing I could do would help. I finally just laid down in his bed with him as he cried and cried. After I had had enough of that, I left him alone to take a nap and he did lay quietly for about 30 minutes. He was still awake so I did let him come down and he was a different child-he just needed to calm down and be quiet for a minute.
  • The kids were inside until about 4:20 when they saw the neighbors outside. They all burst out the door as I was shouting that they only had a few minutes to play. At 5, I told them to come in to eat. We were able to scarf down supper and then we were off to church tonight.
  • Tonight at church I had to drop something off to Grannymom. They were already in their church service so I came in and headed to the back so I could hand my stuff off to Nonna to get to Grannymom. When we left, Keaton looked at me and said, "What are they doing standing up holding their Bibles?" My poor child doesn't even know what a hymnal. What is this world coming to?
  • After church, we came home for showers. Robby managed the shower takers while I served up snacks. Then Bible story, bed and a bit of reading!

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