February 8, 2017

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  • Wednesday morning and the only ones who were awake this morning was Reagan and Campbell. Robby had to wake all of the boys up along with Keaton. It didn't take too long for everyone to have their clothes on and eating breakfast.
  • We were able to get a few chores done before we headed out the door. Wednesdays are my happy mornings because I always eat a bagel with cream cheese on the way to Bible study. We did finally remember to time our trip to Bible study since there are about 3 different ways that I could go and we always debate about which is the quickest.
  • The kids all had fun at Bible study. Whitman's teacher showed me a snowman that they fixed last week-it didn't have a mouth or eyes so they worked and added them. Anderson ate half of a banana for a snack today in his class-this isn't really news for most except that Anderson rarely eats fruit of any sort-even apples which he says that he does like.
  • After Bible study we went to the park with just Jodee-one group of our other buddies were sick and the others were packing. Even with a smaller crowd, the kids all had fun playing and weren't ready to go home. 
  • Once at home, we did a few more chores and then Reagan and I started on her Valentine's project. Most of the afternoon, the kids spent working on the marble tracks-we had one going on upstairs and one downstairs. 
  • Around 3:45, my eyes started getting really heavy and I sat down on the couch but Whitman was playing upstairs with one of those marble tracks. He never puts marbles in his mouth but I certainly don't trust him at all. So I laid down upstairs by him as he played-he offered me his pillow, climbed in his bed for a bit (and I thought that he was going to go to sleep himself) and then he finally woke me up telling me to close the blinds so I could sleep.
  • When I went downstairs, my other people were all in the front yard playing. I waited as long as I could before calling them in for supper. When they did come in, they quickly washed hands, changed clothes, picked up and then started eating. 
  • We made it to church on time barely and then soon we were heading home for showers, snacks and bed time. Another busy day!

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