February 28, 2017

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  • Whitman was in our room early this morning talking about breakfast. He eventually left while telling me that he was going to watch a movie. I didn't have the words yet to tell him that we couldn't watch a movie in the morning time and I guess his brothers didn't want to fight him because they quickly turned a movie on for him.
  • I helped Keaton and Whitman put their clothes on and then they grabbed their breakfast before they headed off to school. Keaton said that Ms. Stacy was back and her friend Harper was too. I asked Whitman if anyone in his class got in trouble today and he said that they did not. I continued with my daily school question to him, "Did you get in trouble today?" He always says that he did not get into trouble but I am seriously not that sure that he understands what the word "trouble" means.
  • After picking up breakfast, grabbing the laundry for me to fold and gathering my cereal and water, I sat down ready to work on school. I was greeted with a pile of Graham's school work and Campbell's school work that they had already completed for today. That is fine but I was quickly overwhelmed. I prefer school work to trickle in and not be greeted with a pile of papers. 
  • I started with Graham and he must have zoomed through his work because he had lots of mistakes to fix. That seemed to take a good while and work to be graded continued to pile up. I was able to catch up while I was working with Anderson next. As he wrote his spelling sentences I graded school work and as he read his reading passage I ran to put up my laundry.
  • Next up was working with Campbell and then Reagan. I had a few minutes before we started working together and was able to do my Bible study and pull out school for tomorrow. I do feel like we do the same thing during school every single day-I guess that could be a bad thing or I guess that could be a good thing. 
  • Anderson did do really, really great on his writing today. I helped him with one paragraph and then he did the other one himself. This was the first day that he really got it and did it without me having to come back and fix stuff. This made me very, very happy.
  • We made lunch and I read as the kids ate. Then we all worked on our chores. The kids tried to go outside some and were in and out a bit this afternoon. They then watched a few movies. When I finally decided to get on the treadmill, the kids all ended up outside. They played and played until Robby, Keaton and Whitman came home.
  • Everyone was still playing outside this evening when the sky continued to become darker. I had seen a storm warning and had turned on the tv. I was sitting in the living room watching the weather man and knew the tornado wasn't anywhere near us but before I realized it, the sirens were going off. I quickly headed to the door but Graham beat me.
  • There was complete madness happening outside-kids just running around like chickens with the heads cut off. Graham was telling the neighbor kids not to go home (fairly wise) but I told them the tornado wasn't near here but to still go home. (Later, I talked with me people that if they are down the road and Ms. Corser says to get in their house, then you get in her house since sometimes storms do pop up quickly.) The kids weren't too sure about putting their bikes and toys in the garage but I stayed with them assuring them the entire time. 
  • We all then went inside and sat watching the weather men on the tv. We needed to run everyone through the showers and even though I could clearly see that the weather was no where near us, just hearing those sirens blaring outside is a bit unnerving. After a long while, everyone did shower and Robby and I started on supper.
  • Tonight we had quesadillas and Robby said that was his favorite meal (next to pizza, of course). I really enjoyed mine since I added tomatoes and black beans to mine (speaking of tomatoes, someone please help me grow my own tomatoes this year.) The kids sat at the table while we cleaned the kitchen-there was a bit of arm wrestling going on. 
  • Then we watched some Ninja Warrior followed by my favorite evening show-Innovation Nation. I had made cookies earlier in the day for tomorrow so of course I saved some back for tonight's dessert. Everyone seemed to enjoy our tv watching tonight and then it was bedtime!  

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