February 25, 2017

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  • One of the boys came in our room fairly early this morning asking about breakfast. We were able to hold them off for a good while until Robby finally had to get out of bed to make the promised cinnamon rolls.
  • He did make them but since my side of the bed was closest to the oven, I was the one who had to get them out of the oven. I did let Campbell and Anderson put the icing on them and crawled back into bed. I do believe that I should really teach those kids how to properly use the oven so we could just tell them to cook their own Saturday morning cinnamon rolls.
  • Soon everyone was eating-except Reagan because she didn't come downstairs until well after 9. The kids watched some tv, some people went outside for a bit and before I knew it, Keaton and I were loading up to go to her second birthday party this weekend. Being popular is a lot of hard work-this party was 30 minutes away and Keaton talked pretty much the entire way there.
  • The party was fun-lots of girls playing, lots of pizza, playing outside and even a pinata. My kid knew how to collect pinata candy-she stood there ready the entire time just waiting on that candy to spill. 
  • Campbell, Anderson and Graham went with Jason to the book store for a Lego event. There were Legos for the kids to build, cards to take home and a few puzzle pages to do. The kids had a good time and arrived home at about the same time that we did.
  • It was a fairly short afternoon and soon we were loading up to head to the Pennington's house for supper. Jaymie had made the meat and April had made the fixings. The kids played and had a good time. We stayed until the Hogs won their game and then we headed home.
  • Everyone had to have showers before bed and they were a tired little bunch. We ran them in and out of the showers and soon all of our people were sleeping soundly.

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