February 12, 2017

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  • People were moving around here early this morning. It often sounds like the kids have invited friends over in the morning- because it is so incredible noise. I am not sure why they seem so much noisier in the morning than any other time of day but gracious me, we might just have to buy earplugs to sleep in. (I can think of some other times that I could happily wear earplugs as well but that probably isn't blog worthy.)
  • Robby fed the kids leftover pancakes for breakfast this morning. That is how many pancakes they brought home-enough to feed everyone one more time. We had quite the difficulty finding Graham's jeans this morning. I finally went upstairs to look and decided to have Robby check and see if Anderson had on his brother's pants. Anderson did have on an older pair of jeans that were now too short so he had to change but those were not Graham's pants. Then I found another pair in Anderson's drawer which I made Graham put on. After much complaints from him, I decided that those were not his either since they were too long. So back upstairs I went looking in all of the drawers and closet one more time. I had just thought that I better check the girls' drawers when I found those jeans. I understand why people fall asleep during church-I could have since I was physically exhausted from the jean search and mentally exhausted from trying to keep all with all of these people and their pants.
  • Church today and our little church lady had another bag of Valentine goodies for us. Gracious me, I want to grow up and be a sweet little old lady. The kids couldn't wait to get home and eat her gift and to eat the candy from Nonna's valentines that she gave them. 
  • We had our lunch at Nonna's house and then walked to Beebee's house to inspect the work for the estate sale. Whitman was with us and Beebee and Papaw have never been at their house since he was born so he has rarely been over there. Currently, it looks like a garage sale is about to happen and after a bit of looking around, he grabbed my hand and said, "I don't like this store."
  • This afternoon the kids played and watched movies while Robby and I dozed. All too soon it was time to head to church tonight. I took Whitman to class and when church was almost out, I ran down to pick him up...and there he sat out in the hallway with a teacher and in trouble. That boy! He wouldn't listen when they told him to stop sliding down the slide so close to other kids. I told them "no" and ended up in much deserved trouble. When he was out in the hall, he was told that he could go back to play on the playground if he put on his shoes and he made no attempt at that...probably because I always just put his shoes on him and it is doubtful that he can do it. I did make him apologize which he did but just in a mumbled, silly voice. 
  • After the church and Whitman's behavior, we needed a treat so we ate supper tonight at Arbys. I do think it is one of my favorite fast food places and the kids would probably agree. Once we made it home, it was time to pick up, put on pjs, brush teeth and then go to bed. The kids all had some time to color and read tonight which I often think is their favorite time of the day.

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