February 26, 2017

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  • This morning when I woke up, I noticed that our bedroom door had been opened and someone had pilfered through the pile of Sunday clothes leftover from Thursday's church directory pictures. I would have to assume it was Graham since he was the first one with his clothes on this morning.
  • Robby had a different type of cinnamon rolls to try this morning and they were better than yesterdays. Everyone seemed to like them except Campbell who asked for cereal-odd child. Then the kids had a bit of time to play their ipads as they waited on us to get ourselves ready.
  • We saw all of the grands and then Robby and I dropped the kids off in their Sunday school classes and we went to church. Our other teachers were there today so we snuck off to worship and it was wonderful. We had forgotten how much we missed it. 
  • Of course this mean that we were finished with church early so we had time to read the paper and eat most of Pops' meat for lunch before lunch time-every time we would walk by the platter of meat, we would grab a bite. I was full before lunch even began.
  • The kids played and could have stayed longer but our girl scout cookies were being delivered so we headed home. Once they arrived, I took my box upstairs and Robby took his box and we settled in for an afternoon nap. Don't tell Robby but when he was snoozing, I ate a few of his! I don't have to worry about anyone eating mine since they have coconut in them and that is just fine with me!
  • The kids watched some tv this afternoon and even tried to go outside. They didn't last out there too long-it was a bit chilly. We have become like people living in a tropical climate-when the temperature drops a few degrees, then we become cold-even if it isn't really that cold. 
  • We eventually picked up the house and then Robby and I made supper for the kids. They ate and then it was time to watch one show before bed. The kids had a bit of time in bed before lights had to be out-Reagan worked on memorizing a poem for April (that girl is just like me!), Campbell and Keaton were coloring, Anderson and Graham were doing school work and Whitman was apparently jumping on his bed!

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