February 11, 2017

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  • At 6:59 this morning, our door crashed open and in came Whitman. He climbed into bed with us and was quite for a few minutes but soon he was pretend snoring and asking about a movie. I sent him to the living room to ask his brothers to help him get a movie and off he went.
  • About 20 minutes later, Campbell came in the room. Bless, that child can't be quiet at all. Her whisper seems like a yell in the morning time. Robby later said that he slept until she came in so I guess he completely slept through Whitman talking to us. 
  • It took the girls and me a bit to get ourselves ready but all it took was seconds for the boys to put on their clothes when Robby told the boys they were going out for breakfast. Even Whitman ran to get on his clothes. 
  • The boys had a big morning which began with huge pancakes at Ozark Smokehouse. Robby said they brought home more pancakes than they ate. Afterwards, they went to Reservoir park for a bit to play. 
  • Their final stop was Walmart to buy new underwear for all the boys and a new shopvac for Robby. The underwear situation was becoming dire. For some reason, Whitman's supply was low-though he has zillions of ones that he will not wear. He seems to like boxer briefs like the rest of the people here and will not wear those cute whitey tighties with pictures on the backside. Graham says his didn't fit and Anderson was down to only two pairs and with his brother snatching one of those constantly, I am pretty sure that people have been going underwearless around here.
  • After everyone had proper undergarments, they went to pick up Keaton from Grannymom and Grandpa's house. She had a big night-supper at Chick Fil A, painted some Russian dolls which she said took forever to paint, ate popcorn and had orange juice for breakfast.
  • Campbell, Reagan and I had Woven at church. It was a mother-daughter event. Before I knew it, the girls were raising my hand and I was up on stage competing in a game-I didn't win. Later before lunch, Reagan was also on stage and that girl didn't win either. We both really wanted to win one of the prizes but it just didn't work out. I am going to have her work on the game she played so she will be an expert. Her game was the one where you put an oreo on your forehead and have to wiggle your face to get the cooking into your mouth.
  • After the introduction, we headed to our workshops. We had picked the sewing one (though I was pretty interested in the cookie decorating one and the calligraphy one, I already know how to do the stencil painting). First we picked out our materials and cut out our letters. Then we ironed them on-by this time, I was woefully behind on my (Keaton's) shirt. 
  • Once the ironing was done, it was time to start stitching the letters on-this is what took so long....all evening to be exact. We ended up having to take our shirts to finish and I was the one who did them. Campbell couldn't push the needle through the thread and Reagan, bless, sewing just isn't her thing. She needs more practice but doesn't really care about practicing. Once I had asked her if she wanted a sewing machine like her cousin and she laughed out loud at that idea. 
  • We gathered our supplies to take home and then headed to lunch and the program. We picked turkey sandwiches for lunch but I also sampled the pimento cheese. When everything was over, we headed home and the boys and Keaton were all outside playing.
  • That is where all of the kids spent their afternoon-outside. Robby cleaned out the cars and garage. I helped him while running around the house straightening up a few things. Once we had finished our outside work, we came in-to work more on the girls shirts.
  • When everyone came in, the kids started their showers while I worked on manicotti for supper. It took a while for me to get it all ready but it was pretty good when we finally ate. The kids did the laundry while Robby and I cleaned the kitchen. Then they started the Finding Dory movie while I finished the shirts which are adorable and took a shower. (I really want to do the same thing on a bag (Robby says I need no more bags) or an apron.)
  • The evening flew by quickly especially since we were busy passing out popcorn and watching the movie. My people weren't too tired tonight but gracious, sewing it tough and I'm beat!

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