February 18, 2017

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  • Everyone was awake this morning and asking when we were going to leave. I am pretty sure that we had told everyone that today's departure time was near lunch time but they must have forgotten this conversation while sleeping.
  • The kids played some this morning and watched some tv. Robby made them fold laundry before they could turn on the tv. This did cause a bit of turmoil and after only a few shows, it was time to complete my list of chores before we loaded up to pick up Whitman.
  • There was lots of traffic on Nonna's street this morning so Whitman had lots to watch. I put him in the car as he told Nonna that we were going to Hawaii. I had told him Friday that we were going to watch a basketball game but I guess he was thinking it was in Hawaii.
  • We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and headed on down the road. The first stop was in Ozark for a brief potty stop and then on to Robby's grandparents' house. The kids enjoyed walking around the pond and through the house. We have jokingly mentioned that we were going to move up there so Campbell made sure that she called which bedroom she wanted.
  • We walked down the road through the field and took a few pictures before heading on the Fayetteville. We stopped to get a bit of supper at McDonalds before Robby dropped us off at the stadium.
  • The trip to the game was Grannymom's birthday present and even though we were pretty high up, we had nice seats. We weren't too crowded and even arrived just before the start of the game. 
  • There was lots to see during the game and all my kiddos, including Reagan, enjoyed cheering on the hogs. It didn't take long for Whitman to learn how to call the Hogs and Keaton and Campbell had signs to hold up. 
  • About 10 minutes into the game, I could tell that Whitman was getting very heavy and soon he was sound asleep in my lap. He snoozed until I woke him up in the middle of the second half. I didn't want for him to miss the entire game. 
  • When the game was over, we pottied and then went down near the court. The girls found pom poms and the boys saw the players coming out. They were able to get 2 signatures and were on cloud nine as we left. 
  • We stopped only one on the way home which was surprising since I passed out food and drinks the entire time that we were heading home. Everyone was great in the car but they were pretty tired when we did make it home. We quickly moved everyone on upstairs and into their pjs. I am sure that my crew is pretty exhausted!

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