February 4, 2017

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  • The kids were pretty quiet on this Saturday morning but we were both wide awake at the normal time-so much for sleeping in. Now, even though we were awake at the normal time, we made no effort to get out of bed. We would get out of the bed occasionally to do something on another but then we would scurry back to the bed. I ate my breakfast in bed as Whitman sat on the floor in front of us watching a movie.
  • Everyone was anxious to know exactly what we were going to do today and the answer was "this is it." A pretty perfect Saturday. We have few Saturday's before soccer begins and those left we need to working in the yard so one last free Saturday was very much appreciated.
  • Robby and I stayed busy most of the morning-he worked on his office and I am not really sure what I did but I was busy. I did manage to fill the next door neighbors trash bin with trash that I had collected in this house.
  • We had a snacky lunch and then as Whitman was watching a movie in our room, Robby and I laid down on the bed. It didn't take too long for Whitman to come and squeeze between us and soon he was fast asleep beside us. A bit later, Keaton joined us and was soon asleep as well. When our bedroom door is closed and the heat is on, our room turns into a sauna-perfect for Saturday afternoon naps. Campbell did squeeze on the bed for a bit but she didn't go to sleep-only managed to wake the rest of us up.
  • After our naps, we straightened and loaded up for an early supper. We ate at Tropical Smoothie-the food was yummy and of course the kids loved their smoothies. I was too busy to steal drinks of their smoothies because I was thinking about how I want to redo my kitchen with a long bench like they have there...someday. I did eat a kale salad as part of my supper-that is something that I thought would never happen.
  • When our tummies were full, we headed to the empty Walmart. We shopped and shopped-bought 3 pairs of shoes which do not yet fit, bought lights for Keaton and Campbell's bookshelves, bananas for Whitman, shirts for Keaton and Campbell, and ingredients to make more manicotti. We run a few errands with all of the kids but when we take them to Walmart all together, they act like they have never been out of the house much less to a store before.
  • Once at home, we started our Saturday night showers and Robby cut the boys' hair. We watched two short shows from the Henry Ford village before sending the kids to bed. They must have all been tired from day even though we didn't do a while lot-I hear no noises upstairs so hopefully everyone is asleep.

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