February 17, 2017

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  • My fort sleepers all slept until 7 this morning so that was a good thing. Graham reported that Keaton was cold so he had to lay by her with his blankets. Anderson and Reagan also said that they were cold during the night. I am not too sure why people would have been cold-they had every single blanket in this house in their fort. Reaga was sleeping by the front door so she is the ony one that possibly would have been chilled. Robby even kept the heater blaring towards the tent.
  • Everyone started stirring arond 7:30 and the kids were pretty calm. I think that they were trying to be quiet so I would forget about school. It would have been nice since everyone was happily playing their ipads in the fort.
  • I broke the news to the kids over breakfast that after school, we would be taking the fort down and cleaning up downstairs. They seemed a bit fine with that but people would lament each time part of the fort fell down. Graham or Anderson would try to fix it and I would remind them to start back on their school work since we were going to tear it down anyway.
  • Around 11:30, we started on picking up the house and then around 12:30, I called Nonna to let her know that we were about to bring Whitman over and I casually mentiond that we hadn't had any lunch. She took the hint and heated up some tortillas for our lunch.
  • We ate and then I and a few kids walked over to Beebee's house. We snopped around during the estate sale and I left with a new motivation to clean out around here. I tried to convince Robby for us to just move into an RV after selling all of our stuff. He didn't really go for my idea but did buy a lottery ticket for me so maybe the RV idea isn't complete out of the question.
  • Whitman spent the night at Nonna's house tonight and even ate at David's Burgers. He was pretty happy to see us go this afternoon when we left him with Nonna. Then we ran to the library to pick out a few books.
  • When we made it home this afternoon, the kids played some outside and then migrated inside to watch a movie. We loaded up and ate at Mexico Chiquito. It was pretty good and the kids were thrilled with the gallon of punch that Robby bought for our table. We were never brought cups to go with the punch and only had our waters. So the kids had to guzzle their huge cup full of water before Robby was able to pour them some punch-I do expect to be washing some sheets in the morning!
  • When we made it home, the kids had showers and then had a bit of time before bed. Anderson and Graham had spent some of the afternoon and a bit of the evening working on a video trailer. They were pretty proud of themselves and it is pretty neat. I believe that Robby has put it on the blog so you will see it near the pictures. Maybe they have a future in film making!

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