February 3, 2017

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  • Friday morning and my boys were the only ones awake. I had to wake up the girls despite the urge for me to just let everyone sleep late and cancel school today. Much to everyone's disappointment, that didn't happen and as soon as breakfast was over we started on school.
  • Things were crazy here this morning because of Keaton and mainly Whitman. He did spent a long time on the couch with Graham reading to him-I count that as school for both of them. 
  • We were able to play a bit more of our yahtzee game this morning before Nonna and Pops brought over lunch. It was a welcome surprise and the kids were so excited about this treat. I was happy about the pizza but really happy about the cinnamon bread that they brought with lunch.
  • The kids were anxious to practice their oral reports in front of Nonna and Pops which only reminded me that we still had 3 more reports to finish. Once they left, we knocked out our chores and then I worked with Graham writing his report and Anderson wrote out his. We only have Reagan's left and as long as we finish it before next Thursday!
  • The afternoon was almost over when the kids saw the neighbors outside and ran out of the house. They were still playing outside when Robby called Keaton in to take her shower before going to school tonight. I fed her and Whitman and then they were off.
  • Robby took Keaton and Whitman to church tonight and I was the one who picked them up. You would not believe that the fun that they had. Keaton told me all about what they ate: chicken, chips, strawberries, oranges, grapes, skittles and popcorn. (I probably didn't have to feed them before they left the house).
  • Whitman was the one telling me about the games. There was an obstacle course with a lot of balls. Also they had a snowball fight and the snow was not real (my information here comes from Whitman). Keaton added that they sang, watched a movie and played in the tubes. They are going to want to go back to school every Friday night.
  • The rest of us spent our evening eating leftovers, finishing our yahtzee game and baking in Campbell's cookie skillet. Hers wasn't enough for all of us so I pulled out my huge skillet and made a giant cookie for all of us. I was quite surprised when my alarm dinged reminding me to go and get the littles from school.
  • When we made it home, it was time to start brushing teeth and for everyone to climb into bed. It was another good day-and I'm exhausted!

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