February 15, 2017

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  • We were up and movie fairly early this morning since at 7:01, all kinds of commotion started happening upstairs. It was craziness-people were running, girls were screaming, Graham was shouting. I had indeed told Robby that I wanted to wake up a minute or two earlier this morning but this was not exactly the way that I had imagined.
  • Everyone put on their clothes and my girls all wore their cute little shirts. Robby started on the trash and dishes while I made the kids breakfast and packed their lunches. The kids helped with cleaning the potties and some folding the laundry. After I finished folding the laundry during breakfast, the kids put it up and we were soon heading out of the house for Bible study.
  • Whitman can not get into his class fast enough and I can't say enough nice things about his little teachers. They sent him a Valentine card and inside was a picture with 4 little different colored chubby toddler hands on their Bible-cutest thing ever. 
  • Now my Campbell also has the sweetest teachers ever but she is in a room with kindergartners and only a few first graders. She hangs by the door when I drop her off and you can tell that she just wants to be with bigger kids.
  • After Bible study, we all headed to Candice's park to play. It was warm on the church parking lot but it was a bit breezy at the park. The kids didn't care because they were running around playing chase. I think that some of my people never even stopped to eat lunch.
  • Anderson and Graham went home with the Kamps and I didn't offer to take anyone else home with me. When we came home, the girls, Whitman and I picked up the garage and then distributed toilet paper to all of the bathrooms in the house. Afterwards, the girls spent some time karaoke-ing and lots of time watching tv.
  • It didn't take too long for the afternoon to be over and soon we were heating up soup for supper. Then it was off to church for Wednesday night activities. I know the big boys and Campbell all had a cookie for their Valentine snack, Keaton and Whitman had a cupcake and I am not too sure if Reagan's group had anything in it or not.
  • At home, we continued the snacking and had one more little snack before bedtime. The kids had their showers, ate their snack, brushed teeth and then instead of heading to bed, turned that karaoke machine back on upstairs and started belting out choir songs with their new practice cd. 

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