February 20, 2017

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  • Robby was off today since it was President's Day but Keaton still had to go to school. We went ahead and sent Whitman to Nonna's house for the morning like usual and decided to do school. If I had really thought about it, I probably would have skipped school all together and not sent Keaton.
  • But this wouldn't have been a good day for her to miss. A helicopter from Children's (or somewhere) landed for the preschoolers to see. They watched it land and then take off again and even were able to walk and go look inside of it. (If we would have known about this, I would have brought all my people to see it too.)
  • Not only did she see the helicopter, it was her snack day and she took real x-rays for her letter X Show and Tell. After school, Nonna and Whitman picked up Keaton and then they had a busy afternoon. It was no wonder Keaton was feeling a bit puny tonight, she had had a huge day and was probably exhausted.
  • The rest of us spent the morning doing school. We zoomed through today since Graham and Reagan did a bit of school last night (I believe some folks are upstairs working on their school now too.) I did skip our history and science today so I could work on some of my own chores. Bunko is here tomorrow so I needed all of the extra time I can get. (Don't worry, I don't plan on getting any further behind on science or history.)
  • We had our lunch and then started on a few more chores. Then I told the kids that they could all pick one movie and then they had to head outside. By the time I left the treadmill, all of my people were outside playing. The neighbors were not out today and every once in a while, my crew looked bored out of their mind out there! But they stayed outside.
  • Robby did go outside a bit and play football. Keaton and Whitman came home and they eve played outside until it started to rain. The kids then came inside and started on their showers.
  • We ate supper at Grannymom's house since Robby had to order a pizza. The kids played their ipads and watched Wheel of Fortune while eating pizza and cookies. We were able to see Grannymom for a bit when she came home and then we headed home.
  • The kids brushed and then it was bedtime. They had about 25 minutes to read or do some school work tonight. Keaton tried to read some but she was just too tired. The little one in the boys' room, Whitman, doesn't appear to be tired since we can still hear him talking away.

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