February 6, 2017

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  • I completely forgot to mention that yesterday Keaton and Campbell had two adorable half time routines for us during the Super Bowl. Reagan had coached them and they quickly memorized their routine and were as cute as they could be. When Reagan did cheerleading with Upward she didn't act like she enjoyed it but she must have taken in all in because she sure remembered everything to teach her little sisters.
  • This morning, Robby woke up Keaton and Whitman. When Keaton came downstairs she curled up and laid down in my closet-she was so tired. I went upstairs to help her pick out her outfit and she did pick the cutest outfit ever. Then she had me do her hair so cute. I was going to take a picture of her but her eyes still looked so sleepy when she left that I thought I better wait until she came home (and then I forgot.)
  • Robby took Whitman to Nonna's house and Keaton to school. Keaton had a good day at school. She was anxious to take a show and tell for her letter of the week but they were just reviewing this week. 
  • The rest of us had our breakfast and then started on our school work. It was a pretty smooth Monday morning. Graham and Reagan both think that they were the first ones finished-apparently they think that there is a prize for finishing first (there is not.) Anderson was in no hurry but he did manage to finish much before I thought that he would.
  • We cleaned up the leftovers in the fridge for lunch. Then we all started on our chores. They finished fairly quickly and soon Graham had brought his marble track downstairs. This was the main project most of the afternoon. When the kids weren't working on that, they were running inside and outside playing some but mainly looking for the neighbor kids to come out and play. 
  • Keaton and Whitman came home with Nonna around 4 and I had just about finished my treadmill time. After they left, the kids finally saw some of the neighbors and spent the rest of the afternoon outside. Whitman did stay inside playing on the marble track and watching his movie.
  • When Robby came home, the kids were still playing outside and were out until dark, When they walked back inside, we sent them to the showers. Pretty much as soon as everyone was out of the shower, we were calling them to supper. We had a pretty standard meal-meat, veggie and potato. 
  • As soon as the dishes were in the dishwasher, Reagan and I headed out the door to Hobby Lobby so Reagan could pick out her shirt for Satruday's Woven at church. The others were watching a movie when we arrived home and we were able to catch the end before it was bedtime.

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