Dennie Family Trip to Atlanta: June 17, 2017

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We were all sleeping so peacefully last night until Graham came and tapped me saying that he was going to be sick. And bless that child, he was sick again and again and again and even a few more times. I even got him to go to bed a few times but up he would jump right back up. I sat up with him in the bathroom and we chatted awhile, put lotion on our legs, brushed teeth and I continually washed my hands.  Around 6, he finally went to sleep and as I was, Whitman, who was sleeping between us, roared very loudly at me. I asked Robby if he was dreaming and sleeping Whitman answered back, “yes.”

Robby kept turning the alarm back and at 8, we tried to get up quietly so Graham could continue sleeping. He did not want to though! He was up and I would tell him to go rest and in 5 minutes he would pop back up saying that he had rested! Grannymom took everyone else to breakfast while Robby and I got ready. By the time that we were ready for breakfast, we could hold the boy off no longer-he was rested and ready to go downstairs to eat.

I did limit his breakfast to a piece of toast and some Sprite. Everyone else ate-Whitman stuck with his pancakes but my girls discovered the chocolate chips and made a breakfast of them. Robby had to have a secret meeting with a lady in the kitchen to get biscuits this morning-a hotel breakfast is not a hotel breakfast to Robby unless they have biscuits. The lady found him some biscuits and he thoroughly enjoyed his biscuits.

After breakfast, we loaded up and followed Les to the NCAA Football Hall of Fame. Less than a year ago when we stopped in Atlanta for the day, we discovered the Football Hall of Fame and promised the boys that the next time we came to Atlanta, that it would be on our must do list.

Robby dropped us off and took a bit to park but he still barely beat Les and his bunch. The first room of the museum was a football field where the kids could attempt to kick field goals. None of my crew were able to do this but Josh and Zach made quite a few. They also had to run a few plays and dive on a mat to catch the football. I knew my Graham was just fine when I saw him make his first dive to catch that football. The boys could have stayed in that room for days, not just hours but days!

Whitman was completely happy in that room as well because there was a monitor that would tape his “touchdown dance.” He would dance and dance-I do believe that he did this at least 50 times. Occasionally, his dancing vidoe would show on the big screen in the room and he would happily watch himself.

The entire museum was pretty cool with lots of interactive stuff. At the beginning, they scanned our tickets and we put in our names. Keaton’s badge must not have been done correctly because whenever we would walk by a monitor, it would say something like, “Hi Tara, Hi Whitman, Hi Mike.” Whoever Mike was followed us around the entire place! She did happily scan my badge when she did some things.

The kids were able to call plays, be on a pregame show and wear a virtual reality headset. When we had finished seeing everything, we were soon back on the field and the boys (and girls) were catching, throwing, and passing. We bought Reagan a shirt and the big boys shirts at the Hall of Fame. They usually do not get any souvenirs since 25 bucks a kids equals a lot of money but we did splurge.

We filled our van to capacity when Les, Shelley, Josh, Zach and Cash all joined us on a ride over to The Varsity to eat. Eating at the Varsity is an Atlanta tradition for us-good greasy food. I had a BLT and a fried pie but must everyone else had hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and everyone had a milkshake!

After the Varsity, we dropped of our extra passengers at CNN and then headed across the park to towards the Aquarium. The park was full of people there for a festival so it was crowded and the traffic was rough. I had just gone to sleep when Robby told us that it was time to get out. He dropped us off at a playground and the kids played for a few minutes before we became hot.

Robby was still trying to deal with the traffic and park the car, so we headed over to the Coke museum store just to browse. He caught up with us there so then we walked across the plaza to the Georgia Aquarium. Our tickets were for after 4, saving us nearly 10 dollars but we probably should have come an hour or two later because it was very, very crowded! It was still worth the price (I guess) but it is always good to be reminded of why summer traveling is not my favorite. The aquarium is very, very impressive.

Our first main stop was the dolphin show. As we entered into the huge area, we were warned that the first 10 rows were the splash zone. It has been many, many years ago but we all sat in a splash zone before at Sea World thinking that we were not going to get splashed and we left drenched. So the only Dennies in the splash zone today were the ones with no sense-that would be Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Yep, all of them.

The show was impressive though I was afraid the dolphins were going to run the swimmer people into the walls but anyway, at the end the dolphins did start splashing. They splashed and splashed but the section that the kids were in never really got wet. I think that had a few drops on them but not soaking wet so I guess they were the ones with more sense-they were closer to the action, could have gotten out quicker and didn’t end up wet.

After the show, we started touring the rest of the aquarium. The kids enjoyed any of the areas that they could crawl through tunnels to see the animals better and petting the stingrays was a hit. There were two rooms that were my favorite-one was full of shiny pretty fish and the other one was a moving tunnel that you could go through and see the fish. After we watched the 4D movie, we had done everything in the aquarium except for the ne think that Keaton and Campbell could not wait to do-go to the gift shop!

We found them both new hats and I think that they were pretty tickled. Traffic was pretty crazy getting out of downtown so it took us a bit but soon we were back at the hotel. We pulled out some cheese, yogurt, crackers, chips and some of Grannymom’s popcorn and made ourselves a meal.

Around 9:30, we headed to the pool with all of the cousins. It was pretty crowded but the crowds did eventually thin out. The kids swam until almost 10:30 and then it was back to the room for showers. The girls are all sleeping in Dana’s room tonight, Anderson is in Grannymom’s room, Whitman is between us and Graham is in the other bed.

Hopefully, everyone will sleep well tonight because we have to head home in the morning.

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