June 4, 2017

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  • Anderson and Graham were the only ones who were awake this morning. As I went to wake up everyone else, Anderson walked up the stairs with me and told me that when he woke up, he thought there was a heavy stuffed animal on top of him. He said that he tried to get it off but it just rolled right back next to him. On second glance, he discovered that it was sound asleep Whitman. At some point during the night, Whitman had joined Anderson in his bed. When I asked Whitman why he got into bed with Anderson, he said that he was scared of the darkness.
  • Whitman wasn't the only one in the wrong spot, Keaton was sleeping right in front of her closet door. She had apparently fallen off of the bed and rolled up and over about 6 feet. If she had been a few more inches toward the door, I wouldn't have been able to open the door without hitting her. She was still wrapped up snugly in her mermaid blanket though.
  • Soon everyone was eating their breakfast (leftover doughnuts) as we were getting ready for church. I did French braid Campbell's hair and it was presentable enough to wear to church. It did take me two tries to get there. Her hair is a bit softer than Reagan's hair and seems a bit easier. I will keep practicing though. Maybe I should go to hair dresser school though I probably should have done that years ago when Reagan was born.
  • Church this morning and then lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. As my kids walked into the door, they immediately noticed the pile of bacon on the bar and we had to fight them off until lunch was over. Nonna had made pancakes, bacon and eggs for our breakfast/lunch. We devoured 3 different types of bacon.
  • After the kids played a bit, we headed home. I had been hoping that the rain would still be around during nap time but it was gone. I napped while the kids watched some tv and did some major crafting (which means trashing the house with styrofoam, markers, and projects.) Graham watched tv but also went out a few times to shoot some hoops.
  • I ran to church for a VBS meeting. It was a short meeting and when it was over, I joined everyone else upstairs watching the Hogs. We watched them a bit, cleaned a bit, watched some more, then ate our supper (leftovers) and then more baseball watching. 
  • When the game was over, we all watched one Little Big Shots before everyone headed on to bed. While we were watching tv, Keaton worked and worked on her shoe tying. I think that she has it. Now my Graham and Campbell will have to step up their shoe tying game. I think that they both can, but they don't so they are probably pretty rusty!
  • Since Whitman didn't have a nap, hopefully he will go to sleep sooner tonight and Robby put a nightlight right next to his bed so that should help some too. I can still hear Campbell talking upstairs-bless, there is nothing quiet about that girl. She is pretty excited though because Robby printed out invites to her birthday party tonight.

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