June 25, 2017

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  • The morning began early with getting Reagan out of bed so she could ready herself to leave for her mission trip. Robby took her to church to meet her group at 8:15. They received their shirts and then loaded the buses and trailers. 
  • Afterwards, her group went to the first worship service  and the 40 or so 5th and 6th graders and 20 adults were sent off to Heber Springs. They had lunch at CiCis pizza in Hot Springs and then arrived to unload. They canvased the area letting people know about the sports camp and backyard Bible clubs happening during the week. Afterwards, one group had showers then supper and worship at Brad Johnson's church. Then the second group had showers later in the evening. 
  • Candice sent a few pictures and it looks like Reagan and her buddies are all sleeping in a Sunday school room. Everyone's mattresses and sleeping bags are all laid out and Reagan is right in the middle.
  • After Robby dropped off Reagan this morning, he came back home to pick us up. We were doing decent on our time but still had to scramble so we could make it to church on time. We greeted the grands and then headed to our Sunday school classes.
  • My class was smaller today so that made things go pretty smoothly. Then we headed to church followed by lunch at Grannymom. She had spaghetti and pie-chocolate and key lime so everyone left the table happy. 
  • We played a few games there before we left and Campbell pretty much worked on learning how to shuffle all day long. I am afraid that I am raising a card shark because she is determined to figure out how to shuffle just like I do. I guess she will always be able to get a job in Vegas.
  • The afternoon flew by and soon I was downstairs having the kids pick up. We spent most of our time working on the legos which had become a disaster. Anderson plays probably an hour a day up there and cleaning up after himself is not a skill that he embraces. We worked and worked and made a very good dent. 
  • While we were working, I did notice that one child seemed to step up and take Reagan's place-Keaton. She worked harder than I had ever seen her work and was even trying to encourage the boys. It will be interesting to see if the dynamics around here change any with Reagan gone for the week.
  • I vacuumed while Robby made quesadillas for supper and we will even have some for lunch tomorrow. The kids then hung out for the rest of the evening. The boys played legos and xbox. I read to Whitman and Keaton while Campbell shuffled her cards. Soon it was bedtime! and ice cream time!

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