June 1, 2017

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  • Robby had already been to the store when I woke up this morning. He bought snacks for the pool today-actually he bought a host of snacks for the pool to last a few visits. After I had only been awake for a bit, I was waking everyone and urging them to get their clothes on.
  • Around 9, we left the house and picked up Grannymom for some blueberry picking. The weather was pleasant today though by the time we had finished we were dripping wet with sweat. It could have been so much hotter but despite the perfect weather, we had to work so hard for those silly blueberries. There bushes weren't yet ready, tiny or deadish! It was a bit disappointing and I ended up with more blackberries (which only Reagan and I eat) than blueberries.
  • Once we got home, the kids all enjoyed trying out Grandpa's new swing. Robby and Grandpa rehung a swing that was falling down and worked on a few other tasks around the house. I fed everyone sandwiches for lunch and before I knew it, it was time to load up again.
  • We met the Kamps and the Heltz at the pool this afternoon. Once we were there, I noticed that it was looking dark and after about an hour there was thunder. They blew the whistle and we all huddled during the light rain under the big metal umbrellas. 
  • When the lightening picked up, we decided to hang out in our cars. By the time we made it to the cars, the sky was brightening so we let the kids play in the parking lot and then in the tennis courts. And soon the sky was dark again and the rain started pouring. The kids continued to play, while Candice, Sara and I sat in the car chatting. 
  • They ran and ran on the soaking wet tennis courts. Campbell even laid down on the ground and made rain angels. Soon the lifeguards were back out and we headed back to the pool and the kids swam despite the rain. We were able to swim for almost one more hour before we headed home at 5.
  • That was probably a mistake-driving in WLR at 5. After waiting on a forever long light, we headed home. I turned on Kanis and soon realized that everyone in front of me was turning around. So we turned around and headed down the other Kanis. It was bumper to bumper but we made it to Bowman and crawled down it until I took a side road and ended up in more traffic. 
  • We finally made it to Lawson and came upon another wreck that had just happened. It took us about an hour to get home but at least we had a good book to listen to. The book was so interesting that Whitman didn't fall asleep on the way home.
  • Once at home, everyone showered and then we jumped back in the car to drive to the other side of another town for supper. Robby had a shop to do but we all enjoyed nachos, breadsticks and pizza.
  • Back at home, everyone put on their pjs and then we watched a bit of the Bates before bedtime. I feel like just about everything we did today was a bust-not many blueberries, lightening delay at the pool, traffic on the way home but I think my kiddos had one of the best days ever. Actually, when Campbell was running around on the tennis court in the pouring rain at one point she did shout at me "this is the best day ever" so I know they had the best day ever!

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