June 20, 2017

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  • Day 2 of VBS and we did move a bit slower this morning. Whitman was up until after 11 so that might have been part of our slowness. Graham slept later than usual probably because he was sleeping in the bonus room (he left his bedroom at some point to get away from Whitman.)
  • After VBS, I ran into the library to pick up a book. Next up was lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. Nonna had lunch ready for us and we all gobbled it down. I let briefly to run to the grocery store with Keaton and Reagan.
  • They were both disappointed that I was not going to Walmart since they wanted to get presents for Campbell's birthday. They were a bit limited in their birthday gift choices but they did make some good choice that I think Campbell will enjoy.
  • Back at Nonna's house, the kids had been put to work. The neighbor had brought over some green beans and the kids went to snapping. Everyone, but Anderson, got in on the act. He was probably too busy playing with the legos.
  • When we ran in to pick them up, we couldn't stay long because of all of my frozen goods so soon we were driving back home. The kids helped unload the car and then we went to work on all of our chores!
  • Soon the house was straightened, Campbell's presents were wrapped, and we were working on the cake. We decorated Campbell's cake and it does look fine but I am certainly no cake decorator. Reagan was nearby decorating cookies for the party and Graham was hanging around the kitchen waiting to make brownies also for the party.
  • Graham didn't stick around long enough because he did see the neighbor outside. All the kids ventured out to play and were outside until 7ish.
  • I was at Bunko this evening so I did miss out on the evening activities but did get the report. After they played outside, everyone ventured in for showers, supper and a quick movie before bed.

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