June 21, 2017-Happy Seven and a Half Birthday Campbell!

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  • Day 3 of VBS and the crew moved even slower today. Graham and Whitman were the only ones awake and Whitman helped me wake everyone else up. This VBS stuff is tough-reminds me every day of why we don't go to school. Though, if the kids did load up and go to school everyday, I could take them and crawl back into bed! That is currently all that I can think about and come tomorrow afternoon, I am taking a nap! 
  • I did have time to French braid Reagan and Keaton's hair this morning. I must be getting quicker at braiding since I was still able to put my clothes on after all of that work. This also reminds me that I am so thankful that the boys have short hair. I can't imagine having to think about their hair too.
  • Once at church, I grabbed a few extra bags and started loading the car up for the afternoon. Then it was on to my class for the morning. Once VBS was over, I grabbed Keaton and Whitman and then we went to get the big kids. Laynie and Campbell were next up along with Anderson and Graham. Soon we bumped into Reagan in the hallway. 
  • My big boys went home with Noah and Ethan. They had a blast and stayed busy with the xbox, hockey and a host of other things until they headed to the pool. Whitman was only looking for one person and he was happy to see his ride for the afternoon-Grannymom. He went home with her and spent his time swinging and playing. They also met us at the pool.
  • Along with Laynie, we met Eden, Caroline, Abigail and Adilyn. I had a van full of excited girls on the way home. Since Campbell's birthday is right near Christmas, her Christmas party is just a bit hard to do so this year, we began the celebration early with a half birthday. It will make Campbell's family Christmas party much, much easier. 
  • Robby was working from home, so he had lunch almost made when we arrived home. With my 3 girls, we had 8 girls and then the Zoey and Hannah walked down making our total 10. Reagan and Hannah have been great-they helped the girls play games and how wonderful was it that Reagan had thought to set out games. She also made scavenger hunts for the girls.
  • They did all of that after lunch and even had time to play outside some. I passed out brownies and then urged everyone to put on their bathing suit. As soon as I loaded the car, we headed to the pool. 
  • My big boys were already there and soon Grannymom dropped off Whitman. I was then responsible for 13 kids-eeek! Sara was there with me and helped me count heads over and over again. Robby brought us pizza and we began our birthday celebration.
  • After swimming for about 3 hours, we loaded up and headed home. If I have ever thought that running 6 kids through the shower was tough, I was wrong-13 kiddos cycling through the shower is crazy! (and results in lots of laundry)
  • Shannon and her kids came for cake and Laura and the rest of her kiddos showed up just in time. Jason, Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna and Pops arrived too and soon we were singing to Campbell. We probably should have only sang half of the Happy Birthday song. We had cake-checkerboard cake which was made and iced mostly by Campbell and oreos dipped and decorated by Reagan.
  • Then it was present time-Campbell opened lots of craft supplies and swimming toys. I think that she was pretty pleased with her loot. Afterwards the girls played a few more games before we turned on Parent Trap for them to watch. Everyone found a blanket and laid down.
  • In the middle of the movie, I brought the girls popcorn for a snack. I didn't realize that this movie was 2 hours long-who starts a 2 hour long movie? Me, I guess! Currently, the movie is still playing but I do have a few girls that have already fallen asleep.
  • Campbell has had a great half birthday and now I must go and fold 3 or 4 more loads of clothes!

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