Dennie Family Trip to Atlanta: June 18, 2017

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Everyone slept perfectly well last night which was wonderful. I know that I have written about this but our bed at home must be pitiful because Robby and I always sleep so perfectly in hotels. Maybe we should invest in a new mattress and bedding. Graham and Whitman dressed and then waited on us to finish packing. Then, we all headed down to the stairs to breakfast.

We ate our breakfast and then waited and waited on a cart. No carts every appeared so we hauled it all down the hall, down the elevator and to the car. It didn’t take that much longer and soon we were all snug in the car along with Cash headed down the road.

Before we knew it, we were crossing the line into Alabama. We stopped once for gas and soon afterwards had to stop again for another potty stop. We had a few snacks before our stops and then afterwards. The kids were absolutely silent during the first stretch of the trip-I am so thankful for Ipads and downloaded movies.

I worked on my VBS lesson as Robby fought through the rain. We watched both services of church so that passed the time a bit too. After crossing into Mississippi, the ipad newness must have worn off because the kids were soon getting a bit antsy and noisy. Trust me, antsy kiddos are not a good thing!

When we were close to Memphis, we stopped to get gas and potty. We had thought about buying lunch there but ended up at McDonalds. Grannymom and I passed out the lunches and then we were passing out drinks. From there, we soon crossed into Arkansas.

The real rain started then. It was pretty windy for a good while but thankfully, the heavy, heavy rain didn’t last too very long, but it did rain the entire rest of the way home. We passed Grandpa his Father’s Day present which he opened. Then, Robby and I both turned on our hotspots so the kids could play Minecraft together which is what they have been wanting to do for a good while. Now, they are sitting a mere inches apart but they feel the need to be next to each other in the virtual world as well.

Keaton was the one who needed to potty on our last stop. We were hoping that we could distract her and she would forget about asking, and thankfully she did forget. As soon as we pulled into Grannymom’s driveway, we did shoo Keaton out of the car to potty.

Once we made it home, we unloaded and unpacked the car. The kids helped and we were all finished in about an hour. Now I do have 3 laundry baskets of clothes-they are clean though! Before we left on our trip, the kids helped me hang a Father's Day banner and had all made cards for Robby. Everyone was so happy for Robby to open their cards and he even received shoes for Father's Day (he usually doesn't get a present!)

We then sat down to eat a bit of supper. Once supper was over, the kids noticed a car on the land behind us. This pretty much ruined our day. Robby did go and meet the folks walking around in the back. They now own the land behind us and were thinking about where to put their house. Yep, even though we knew this day would come, it is still a kick in the gut.

We drowned those sorrows with ice cream and brownies at the Wilson’s house. They told us all about their trip and we told them all about ours. Whitman fell asleep while we were there and even though we had said that we would leave at 9, we were a bit after.

Once we made it home, the kids were sent straight to bed because tomorrow is the first day of VBS, and it will be an early morning.

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