June 12, 2017

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  • Whitman crawled into our bed this morning and I laid with him for as long as I could. I finally decided that I should get up and he asked me if it was morning yet. I guess he didn't know that it was morning and that is why he had stayed in my bed so long.
  • Anderson and Reagan were already awake this morning. I couldn't believe that Graham was still sleeping this morning. Soon everyone was awake and I was telling them about their list of chores on the kitchen table.
  • Graham and Reagan went right to work and after I finished a few chores, I started packing with the boys. By noon, my packing list had gone to 6 pages to 3 so I felt pretty good. Good enough to start lunch but when I looked around, I couldn't find many kids in the house.
  • Keaton did show up and she was hungry so she made her lunch while I worked on Whitman's lunch. Everyone else must have been hungry too because they all trickled in before too long.
  • At 1:30, I jumped in the car with Reagan and we headed to the dentist. She needed a small filling and that girl was so relieved when she ended up getting laughing gas during her filling. Afterwards, I did tell her that this would be the last time I paid for laughing gas!
  • When she was finished, we ran to look for shoes and picked up a few things at Walmart. Then Grandpa helped me work on a few picture frames (six actually) for the living room. It didn't take too long and it just needs a bit more work. The next step is figuring out what size picture I want on the frames.
  • Then it was home to help Robby with supper. The kids picked up while we worked on the quesadillas. After supper, we made our travel rice krispy treats. When we had made two batches, I jumped in the car with Whitman and Anderson.
  • I had bought Anderson shoes which were too tight and looked at a few places today and the boy definitely needed some before this weekend. We were in the Nike store for about 5 minutes-we found what he wanted, tried them on, moved up a size (boys size 7) and then checked out. I like shopping with my boys-they don't take anytime.
  • Back at home, I helped Robby work on the garage while some of the kids played outside. We did end our evening with ice cream since we missed last night's ice cream truck. Then it was bedtime for everyone. For the last few nights, Whitman has been afraid of the "darkness." It makes for eventful bedtimes but I do think that everyone is quiet right now!

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