June 5, 2017

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  • Even though it is Monday, our day went fairly smooth. I think that everyone slept in their own beds or at least near their beds last night. Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did climb into bed with us this morning for a bit.
  • Then it was time for chores and breakfast. The boys had already and surprisingly, Reagan was awake by the time that girls had gotten their breakfasts picked out. I worked with Keaton on her reading book. We are moving slowly. Her story today was "The rat is sad." It won't be long until she is reading as fast as the others. Reagan has found her a book that she likes and every time we see her that last few days, she has it in her hands.
  • Reagan had another orthodontist consultation this morning so we dropped the kids off at Nonna's house and headed on our way. Reagan and I remained quite tickled during most of the appointment because we were constantly whispering our comparisons of this orthodontist compared to the last. I left that appointment more confused that I thought that I would be!
  • Nonna said that as soon as Campbell walked in the door, she said, "what can we bake?" They ended up making red velvet cookies which we ate when we arrived back from the appointment. Then Nonna made grilled cheese for everyone's lunch.
  • It was raining pretty good when it was time for us to leave. Graham helped everyone get into the car with Pops' umbrella. The rain slacked off as soon as we turned off of their road though so when we made it home, some of the kids played outside for a bit.
  • The afternoon flew by and some of the afternoon was spent playing with the neighbors. After the treadmill, I heated up some spaghetti. The kids were quickly ready for VBS down the road. Robby came home and we shuttled them to VBS.
  • I wasn't really sure if Whitman was going to stay or not-he was quite unsure of everything that was happening. When we picked him up though, I asked if he had fun and he said that he did. Later, Robby asked what his favorite thing was and Whitman said, "everything."
  • When we dropped off the kids, the preacher man said that he was glad we were there again this year because we were 10% of the crowd. Robby later did the math and this year so far, we are 25% of the crowd.
  • During VBS, I ran to the grocery store and made it home to pick up the kids with Robby. They were able to change into their pjs and then watch the last bit of the ballgame before bedtime.

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