June 8, 2017

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  • When I woke up, I gave everyone who was awake a run down of the day along with a time limit on how much longer they could play on their ipads before it was time to get to work.
  • I did have to wake up Campbell this morning but she still had plenty of time for her breakfast before it was chore and school time. Keaton was still mad that we didn't have her favorite pop tart flavor at the house and because I wouldn't let her have gold fish for breakfast. I mean really? I did offer her cereal, other pop tarts, toast, waffles, pancakes or a breakfast burrito. If you can't pick something from that line up, then maybe you just aren't hungry.
  • Whitman spent most of the morning being read to. I read him 3 books, Reagan read him 2, Anderson showed up next with two more books and I believe that Campbell read to him the entire time I was on the treadmill because she sure hadn't done anything else from her list.
  • I did manage to do my treadmill time but when I went upstairs I made it clear that the kids didn't have long and needed to do their chores/school quickly and with excellence. Guess how all of that went? Ha! Campbell spent her time with Whitman reading which is great but she had other things to do-like brush her teeth or put on clothes. Graham "cleaned" the windows so well that they looked worse when he finished. Anderson ran out of time somehow and managed to leave the hardest things on his list undone. It was all fine though because right before the Heltz' arrived, everything was finished or finished again.
  • The Heltz and Kennedy came over to play this morning. The kids played inside some but were mostly outside. The neighbors came down so there was just a big party in the yard. The kids trickled in for lunch and were soon asking for popsicles.
  • I didn't have enough frozen ones so I did pass out ice cream to everyone. Graham and Anderson wanted to use my good ice cream but I was quick to find the vanilla and chocolate. I love all those kids but I am not sure if I love them as much as Blue Bell. 
  • When the Heltz headed home, I told the kids that I would clean inside if they would straighten outside. I also added that if they came in to tattle, did something wrong or just decided to come in, then they would have to help me pick up inside the house-I didn't see or hear from anyone for nearly 2 hours!
  • Soon Whitman came in to watch a movie but everyone else stayed outside playing. I eventually had to round up my crew for supper before VBS tonight. They have really been wanting to walk down the road so that is what we did tonight. Robby did come to pick me up so I didn't have to walk home and we even manged to grab supper from Reagan's favorite restaurant, Tropical Smoothie.
  • The kids had fun at VBS again tonight. They are always so excited telling us all about the offering. I asked Whitman what the Bible story was about and he told me he didn't remember. I asked if Jesus was in it and he said yes. Then he did add that he was on a boat with his friends. I continued asking about the story going through my memory of Jesus and boat stories-catching fish? making breakfast? walking on water? calming the storm? Apparently, it wasn't any of those so maybe I need to be the one in VBS.
  • Once at home, everyone showered and then we spent some time doctoring Graham. Saturday, we knew we were in poison ivy while working but thought that the kids were staying away from it. I guess though he is more allergic to it than Robby so it is on both arms and in his belly button. Hopefully, Anderson's steroid cream can get him fixed up quickly or I might have to take him in. Currently, though I am itching all over just thinking about it.
  • The kids didn't have long before it was bedtime this evening. I think that they are pretty tired from the busy week-I know that I am.

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