Dennie Family Trip to Atlanta: June 15, 2017

Everyone slept well last night and my room didn’t stir until 7 Eastern time. The girls had already been downstairs for breakfast and chose their regular hotel breakfast of toast and jelly. When my crew went downstairs, we ate a few more different items-yogurt, waffle, eggs, sausage, muffins and eggs.

After we finished, we headed back upstairs to load up the car. Soon we were back on the road driving through historic Villa Rica. It was a neat little town. Our first stop of the morning was the Delta Flight Museum. It was a pretty neat little museum with quite a few hands on things to do.

Before we started the museum, Keaton got a bit car sick. After walking around for a bit, she did feel better-probably her sitting in the way back of the car is the best thing for her. She perked up quickly and was soon chasing and pushing her brothers jockeying to touch all of the hands on things.

We watched a short little movie and then toured one plane. It was great practice for Hawaii since it has been 5 years since any Dennie kiddos have flown. We talked about putting our bags under the seats, buckling up and where the air comes from. The kids thoroughly enjoyed seeing the plane. I do, however, think that Graham is going to be a bit scared on the flight. He will probably need to sit with me so I can reassure him or sit by Anderson so he will be distracted. Campbell and Keaton already found their desired seats in the middle of the plane with Nonna between them. They will keep Nonna so busy on our flights that she won’t have time to look at her watch and count down the hours.

We walked through the gift shop and I wasn’t able to find an ornament. There weren’t any with the name of the museum on them. Anderson quickly found a hat that he wanted but we passed on it. My kids sure love to spend money-wonder where they get that from?

Back to today though, they had a huge 747 outside that you could tour. It was pretty impressive and I think that all of my kids took a good liking to the first class pods. I tried to explain to them that they probably wouldn’t be riding in one of those for a long, long time.

After the museum, we headed down to Truett’s Luau in Fayetteville, GA.  It is a restaurant that Truett Cathy, the Chick-fil-a founder, started when he was in his 80s. And yes, with a luau we were practicing for Hawaii a bit more. We had a bit of a drive to get there but the kids passed their time with ipad movies.

Robby was able to load movies on 4 of the ipads but Graham’s ipad may have possibly bit the dust last night. Robby has tried one fix but it did not work and he has one more idea that hopefully will work. Everyone shared their ipads and the car was silent.

Truett’s Luau did not disappoint. Half of the place was a Hawaiian themed restaurant and the other half was a Hawaiian themed Chick Fil A. Robby ordered Kalua pork tacos, I had pineapple chicken tacos and pineapple rice.  Everyone else had regular Chick Fil A food.

In the front lobby, they had ukuleles, grass skirts, hats and some type of Hawaiian xylophone. The kids loved all of this and it was a pretty fun lunch stop. Robby even bought a shirt and bought me a Christmas ornament. After eating, we were back in the car and drove about 30 miles to our hotel.

We are staying at an Embassy and they have these fancy dancy keys. Well, at least we thought they were fancy dancy because we sure couldn’t get them to work. Our keys weren’t coded yet so once we had working keys, it wasn’t as fancy dancy as we had thought.

They also had an assortment of drinks and snacks out on the counter. I was quick to tell the kids that those were not for us because they cost but soon Robby was telling me that they were complimentary. This was like Christmas morning to my people. Before we finished unloading, Robby and Reagan were splitting a Snickers bar.

After we were all unloaded, we watched a bit of tv and waited on everyone else to arrive. Soon Les and crew were here and after a bit of chatting, we headed down to the swimming pool for a bit. Half of the pool was taken up by swimming lessons but the kids still had plenty of pool to play in.

Once everyone was water logged, we climbed out and headed towards the evening snack that the hotel put out. We certainly made a dent in it and they had the best cinnamon somethings. Afterwards, we waited on Dana and her crew to arrive.

From that point, it wasn’t too much longer until we loaded up and drove just down the road to eat pizza. We ate at a Pie 5/Blaze type place. My crew had eaten and eaten the hotel snack (and so had Robby and I) so we didn’t need much. We split a few pizzas which kind of made me sad because I was too full to try the peach pizza that they were advertising. The kids topped off their pizza with gelato and then we headed right back to the hotel.

It was still a bit early to call it a night so we let the kids swim one more time while Robby worked on the laundry. It is now 11:35 and Reagan, Keaton and Whitman are wide awake watching Robby and me try to get all of our stuff organized and ready for in the morning. Anderson is sleeping on Grannymom’s couch and Campbell and Graham are on our couch. It was a pretty great day but I will have a tired crew in the morning!

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