Dennie Family Trip to Atlanta: June 14, 2017

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The boys were the first ones awake this morning and their big dilemma was deciding if they wanted to play their ipads or not. The debated about their little bit of playtime decreasing the battery life for the car trip. They opted for the xbox upstairs and were racing away when we finally called them and Reagan down to get moving.

I had to wake up Campbell and Keaton up but Whitman definitely did not need to be woken up. He was so excited that this was finally Atlanta day. It didn’t take him anytime to get his clothes on and breakfast eaten. Soon everyone was getting ready-I was braiding Reagan’s hair, Graham was vacuuming, Anderson was folding towels and everyone was looking for lights to turn off.

We backed out of the garage at 9:05 and stopped to get gas before picking up Grannymom and Grandpa. We listened to our book on tape as we headed to their house. The kids spent that time getting their area all comfortable for the 7 and half hour drive that was ahead of us. With the addition of Grannymom and Grandpa, the seats and packing are still pretty much the same.

Keaton is scooted over a seat so we have room for their luggage but Campbell and Keaton still have an empty seat between them and we do not have our drawers in the car but don’t really need them since we will just be driving there and then back.

Traffic was pretty heavy due to construction so before we were to Lonoke, we had seen license plates from 15 different states. We stopped for a potty stop at McDonalds and I ended up driving through Memphis and on to lunch. We found an Arby’s which makes all of my meat eating children very happy. We devoured sandwich after sandwich along with 4 containers of fries and lots of cheese sticks. It was a grand feast and everyone left happy.

Robby cleaned the windshield while the car filled back up with gas and then it was back on the road. The kids are watching movies on their ipads so all is very, very (strangely) quiet behind me. We zoomed on down the road passing out time with rice krispie treats and popcorn.

We stopped for a potty stop mid afternoon and the car did get progressively more rowdy as ipads began to run out of battery life. The kids are good travelers and our drive to almost Atlanta went very smoothly. We stayed just outside of Atlanta in a town names Villa Rica.

About an hour before our hotel, we stopped at McDonalds for one last potty stop and a dessert stop. Everyone needed one little sweet treat to make the rest of the ride go smoothly. I drove on to the hotel and soon we were checked into our rooms and thinking about supper.

Robby ran to pick up pizza, and we all ate in the lobby. We pretty much devoured 2 pizzas except for the slices that had Whitman’s pepperoni on it. They put a crazy amount of pepperoni on that half and I think it scared our few pepperoni eaters off.

Campbell and Keaton grabbed their clothes and spent the night in Grannymom’s room. The rest of my crew watched a bit of tv before laying down for the evening. As Anderson was changing into his pajamas, he looked at his arm and was shocked to see his arm peeling. One of his arms got a bit sunburned this weekend and he had never seen anyone peel before. He was momentarily frightened!

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