June 30, 2017

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  • Today was the boys' last day at VBS. We took them so they didn't have to leave as early this morning which was a good thing because they didn't jump up this morning. Campbell was up before the boys left and I tried to be quiet so Reagan and Keaton would sleep a bit longer. They did but not as long as I had expected.
  • It was dreary and I was moving slow this morning so I never made it to the treadmill which would have been a good idea since I just ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I worked on Whitman's sight words, Keaton's reading book and Campbell and I made a tutu that she had received for her birthday.
  • Robby and I did spend a good long time hanging my new picture frames in the living room. Grandpa helped me cut them boards and screw them together. Then Robby helped on the last few steps. I am just beginning to get things hung on these walls-five and a half years later.
  • Soon, Shannon showed up with the boys. They enjoyed VBS and Graham said that he wanted to go again next year. I have not asked them for the final results but they did agree that crafts were better at our church but Rock Creek's snacks were much better than at our church.
  • I heated up leftovers for lunch and we played a round of spoons before everyone put on their bathing suits and we headed to the pool. Brett came along with us and the kids enjoyed playing for almost 3 hours. This is our 12th time to go to the pool this year which is great but I still have about 20 more trips before the summer is over.
  • I did take Whitman's life jacket off for a bit today. I have been doing this every once in a while but this was the first time I let him go down the slide. He slid down and came up. I would grab him and give him a push to the ladder and he would get there. It wasn't pretty but he made it. Then he would let go of the ladder and sink to the bottom and come up shouting, "I touched the bottom." He just might get the swimming thing this year.
  • At almost 6, we headed home and everyone jumped into showers. Afterwards, we had supper-sandwiches. Then we picked up around the house. Robby and Whitman left for a midnight (almost) run to the grocery store while everyone else and I played another round of spoon followed by a new game Reagan learned on her mission trip.
  • We watched a few episodes of the Bates and then it was bedtime for my crew.

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