June 3, 2017

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  • After staying up until almost midnight last night, most everyone did sleep a bit later. We did hear Graham getting his ipad around 7:30 but it didn't really get too noisy here until 8:30.
  • I picked up around the house while Robby and Graham headed outside. They started the fire at the top of the yard while I continued working on picking up fort stuff and all of the blankets from the kids slumber party. I did pick them up but only folded them and set them at the bottom of the stairs.
  • When the house was straighter, I checked in with Robby. Graham and Robby were sitting in chairs enjoying watching the fire burn. It had been a big pile but burned pretty slowly. My shadow, Keaton, and I picked up a few sticks on the way back inside and then we started to work.
  • It took her a good 30 minutes of choices and recipe to finally decide what she wanted to bake today. She just wanted me to type in "desserts" to look at on my computer. I tried to explain that there are many types of desserts and we needed to narrow it down some. It took forever but she finally did make a good pick-peanut butter and chocolate cookies filled with peanut butter.
  • We worked and worked on her cookies. Campbell and Reagan don't want anyone else in the kitchen because they want to be able to do it all but Keaton was inviting everyone who walked in to help her. She was very quick to find herself a rubber band to put her hair up when I pulled out the mixer. Keaton didn't want another Campbell incident to happen to her.
  • When the cookies were finished, I went out to help in the yard. We worked for a bit and then called the kids to all come out to help. We had almost finished what we had intended the kids to help with when it started sprinkling and then it became harder and harder. Robby zoomed off on his tractor with the kids chasing after him so they could finish collecting rocks.
  • This left me raking up mounds and mounds of leftover leaves. I shoved them on the tarp as best I could but despite the covering of trees I was soon soaking wet along with my tarp and leaves. Anderson ran back down to me and grabbed a lawn chair and rake to put up. Graham ran asking how he could help and I put the hundred pound leaf blower on his back and shoved him toward the sheds. Reagan was next grabbing everything else that I wasn't using.
  • By now it was monsoonish and I heaved the full tarp to the now smoldering burn pile. By the time I heaved it on the pile, I was covered in dirt! Robby came to help just as I had finished and we headed in. The kids were already inside and had laid a towel at the door as they took off their wet clothes. We all changed and then we started on lunch.
  • Everyone ate sandwiches as it rained and rained some more. Nonna and Pops hardly had any rain at their house but the sweet rain so wonderful music to a nap this afternoon. It rained nearly 3 inches here and the kids were all covered up with their blankets watching movies most of the afternoon like it was winter time.
  • Robby did quite a bit of work defrosting our silly fridge. It looks pretty perfect now-he did break a drawer but now we just have easier access to it which really will work out better. After I folded a few thousand pounds of laundry, we loaded up to head to supper.
  • We ate at Tacos for Life tonight and it was much better this time than the last that we were there. Robby had a few coupons that we had to use so that helped and thankfully none of our food had mint in it like last night's episode.
  • One the way home, there was a wreck on Lawson. We decided not to turn around and just sat watching them pull the car out of the ditch, load it on to the wrecker and see all of the firetrucks and police cars go back and forth. Once the road was clear, we headed home for showers and then the boys turned on the ballgame. They watched as bedtime was delayed and Keaton happily passed out her cookies.

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