June 19, 2017

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  • First day of VBS and I had told the kids that at 7:15, it was time for clothes, breakfast and teeth brushing. The big boys were up first and remembered what I had said. Whitman was soon downstairs and I quickly put his clothes on him. 
  • Robby had to wake up the girls but they didn't waste any time getting themselves ready. Everyone was able to have breakfast before we left the house, and soon we were on the road.
  • I checked everyone in-Reagan took off to find her class once she was sure she understood where they were meeting. Anderson and Graham just took off to their classes but Campbell wanted for me to walk her to find her group. Then I dropped off Whitman and Keaton. Next up was finding my own classroom.
  • The morning seemed to fly by and soon we were at Grannymom's house changing into our bathing suits. As soon as we changed, we were out the door meeting Robby at the swimming pool. He brought us lunch and we all dug in-VBS makes you hungry. Cash and Lilly were already there but soon even more buddies arrived.
  • We stayed for 3 hours and I think that some of my little ones eyes are a bit pink by the time that we made it home. Everyone helped me unload and then it was time to work on Campbell's cake. 
  • I had 3 cake making helpers-Campbell, Keaton and Graham. Whitman would have helped but he fell sound asleep on the way home. Campbell decided on a 3 layer checkerboard cake with a smaller 3 layer tie dyed cake on top. Yep, what in the world was I thinking when I agreed to this? We just baked the cakes today which wasn't too bad so hopefully tomorrow will be doable as well.
  • After the kitchen was cleaned, we had a bit of downtime before supper time. Robby and I pulled out a few things from the fridge and we just had a buffet. After supper, the kids ran through the showers.
  • We ended our night with watching a Bates before going to bed. Since Whitman had a great nap, he has gone to sleep not so greatly. Currently, Graham has decided to go to the bonus room to sleep-we will see if that lasts but hopefully it will!

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