June 22, 2017

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  • By 12:15, all of the girls were asleep. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I had probably only been asleep for a little bit when Whitman climbed into our bed. I don't know if he had looked for his brothers since he sometimes gets into bed with them. Since they weren't there, he came down and found us. I pulled him in bed with me and soon we were all scrunched but snoozing.
  • My alarm went off way, way too early but I dutifully climbed out of bed and started my shower. I was already dressed and had done a bit in the house when I decided that I just had to wake up the girls. They were all sleeping ever so soundly. I opened the blinds and started pulling off blankets so I could put them up.
  • By the time all of the girls were awake, I had put up all of our sleeping bags, all of our blankets and our pillows. This only left the girls' stuff upstairs making it easier for me to do a double check when it was time to leave.
  • Robby arrived back home with doughnuts and we were soon passing them out with orange juice for everyone. They had a few minutes to eat and then it was time to load up for Day 4 of VBS. 
  • On the way to church, we picked up the boys from Grannymom and Grandpa and then arrived at church, a few minutes early. We were able to haul in everyone's stuff and soon found moms and classes. 
  • I told the story in my group today so I was busy but it did make the morning pass by quickly. Reagan went home with Kennedy today and they had a big time this afternoon. She tried to tell me what they did but I am not really sure-something about making food and then having to eat it blindfolded.
  • The rest of us had leftovers had home and then we worked a few minutes in the house. Afterwards, I took a nap-a 4 hour nap! It was absolutely wonderful-I did have intentions of getting up earlier but it is not often that the stars align for a nap that long so you must take advantage of it.
  • The kids stayed busy this afternoon with perler beads, Campbell's new presents, movies and Legos. Around 5, we started getting ready to leave for VBS family night. It was pretty decent-there was a magician (illusionist is the new term, I hear) and he was interesting. Then hot dogs, chips and snow cones were on the menu. Whitman tolerated a few bites of his hot dog to earn his snow cone.
  • The kids ate their snow cones outside and then it was time for showers. After everyone had showered, they had a few minutes of downtime while I prepared my story for tomorrow. Then it was bedtime for everyone-I think that they were so exhausted!

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