June 9. 2017

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  • I knew that we had to leave early this morning so I was up before the sun-ha! Not really! I did wake up and start on all of my laundry from the day before. I had made the kids changed their clothes yesterday before going to VBS yesterday so it made for a bunch more laundry than I like. Thankfully, I knocked the laundry out before anyone but the boys woke up.
  • This morning I didn't have to wake anyone up but they were all too interested in their ipads than doing what needed to be done-like brushing teeth, combing hair, picking out their lunch or even putting on their bathing suits. Makes me a bit crazy but I probably should have made them put them down and get to work before playing.
  • At a bit before 10, we jumped into the car and headed to the pool. The Heltz met us there and we swam and swam. We even stayed until 2 when more buddies showed up at the pool. By this time though, Graham, Reagan and Anderson had all stopped swimming and were getting fried since they weren't in the water. 
  • We made it home around 2:30 and were a bit pinkish. The kids helped me unload the car and then they all headed outside to play with their neighbors. Everyone stayed outside until supper time. 
  • Tonight I heated up one of my freezer meals and it was pretty good-we will probably even make it again sometime (I still have one more in my freezer and half left in the fridge.) We had time to change and then it was time for the last night of VBS down the road.
  • Keaton and Graham held the flags tonight during the opening of VBS. Then there was a puppet show and the story which was more like a sermon (two sermons actually). The kids were all sitting on the front rows and I eventually had to go and grab Whitman. Campbell was trying her best to help him obey but things were going downhill quickly. I snatched him up and stayed near the front until the sermon was over. I didn't really want to go down to the front to get him but it is such a good reminder to all of my big kids that we will certainly march to the front of the church house to collect them if they are acting foolish!
  • Next was song time and the kids did great. Keaton was singing her heart out and doing all of the motions. Campbell, Graham and Anderson were also singing away. Reagan was in the back singing some and Whitman, bless, was on the front row with his hands in his pockets swaying from side to side. He did do some motions and sing surprisingly most of the songs.
  • Afterwards, the kids were rewarded with an ice cream sundae bar and it was a big hit. Before ice cream, Robby ran Reagan to the neighbors house to celebrate Hannah's birthday. And after the ice cream, we ran to pick up Brett for the evening and ended up staying at the Wilson's house for a bit.
  • Then it was home and I quickly put Whitman to bed. The girls are sitting beside me playing their ipads and the boys are upstairs playing a game. Soon everyone will be heading to bed and I might just get me another bowl of ice cream!

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