June 29, 2017

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  • Today was the last day of soccer camp, last day of basketball camp and the last day of the mission trip. Tomorrow we will just have VBS and then I don't plan on leaving the house at all on Saturday (Actually, I already have a list of things to do and places to go on Saturday.)
  • I had to wake up everyone this morning-even the boys. Yesterday, Anderson had debated going to VBS because his throat hurt some from screaming but not today. He knew that Ms. Shannon was going to pick up doughnuts on their way so he was anxious to get his clothes on so that he didn't miss his ride.
  • Robby took the girls to soccer camp and then headed in to work. I stayed home with Whitman and fought the urge to take a nap. The dreary weather would have made a perfect nap day. Whitman did want a lot of my attention and after cuddling and reading to him, I tried to sneak off to the treadmill. I was able to get some done but he was a bit needy today.
  • He might just be tired of all of our running around because he did NOT want to leave the house today to go and pick up the boys. He tried to convince me that Daddy was home and he could stay home. He even did a fake baby cry the whole way to Rock Creek to show his displeasure about coming. But as soon as we had the brothers, I was passing out lunch and lemonade and he forgot all about it.
  • The boys enjoyed VBS but were anxious to get to basketball camp. They both were their basketball shirts and have asked me to sign them up for next year. Whitman and I picked up lunch for me and then on to pick up the girls.
  • We arrived just in time to see them call Keaton as camper of the day. She could not have been more proud of her 10 dollar McDonalds gift card. Campbell, bless, was so proud of her little sister but she so wanted to be camper of the day too. I had already explained to the girls the other day that their were lots and lots of boys and girls and many of them deserve to be camper of the day too.
  • They both had a great time at soccer camp and received medals and tshirts. Campbell said that she wished soccer camp could be longer. Both of them were crazy tired though. We came home for a bit and soon it was time to leave again.
  • This time everyone was asking to stay since Robby was home. We explained that I was heading to one side of town to pick up Reagan and he was going to the other side to pick up the boys. I was a bit surprised that the girls didn't want to go with me to pick up Reagan but later learned they had heard that their might be a Sonic trip in Robby's car.
  • After picking up the boys, Robby and his car did stop at Sonic and then headed home. At church, Whitman was happy that he had a chance to play on the playground while we waited on the buses. We went in to potty twice and then the buses arrived.
  • The kids were told to help unload the trailer and Reagan worked and worked and worked. Soon most everyone was gone and my girl was still working. Whitman had sat himself down in the shade and I realized that if she was ever going to stop working, I was going to have to help finish unloading the trailer. So Whitman and I got in on hauling some tables. I am not sure if Reagan worked like this all week long but gracious me, I couldn't have been prouder of her.
  • Our Sonic drinks were waiting for us at home and as soon as we walked into the door, I threw Reagan's clothes into the wash and then everyone had some downtime before supper. Robby helped me on my pictures frames and before too long we were eating.
  • I had pulled out a freezer meal and even though it was a win before, it was a fail this time. Personally, I thought it was delicious-or at least it killed hunger. Hopefully, everyone's taste buds will change because we have leftovers and one more in the freezer.
  • Showers were next and everyone needed a good hosing down. Then we had a bit of time to watch a Bates tv show before going to bed for a much needed rest.

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