June 26, 2017

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  • The boys were up early this morning because they were anxious for Shannon to come and pick them up. She offered for them to go to VBS at Rock Creek and they jumped at the chance. 
  • They left a bit before 8 and even had time to see Shannon's office. Then they changed into their shirts and VBS soon began. Anderson wasn't too sure that he wanted to go to VBS again this week but Graham and he had the best time. They told me all about it on the way home-the moon pies being so much bigger at Rock Creek was a definite highlight. Tomorrow, they are dressing in their groups color and can't wait.
  • Meanwhile back at home, Keaton, Campbell and Whitman had their breakfasts and even read a few books with me. They also painted, played their ipads, played Chutes and Ladders, shuffled lots of cards, watched a few movies and helped me straighten a few times. 
  • At 12, I jumped in the car to pick up the boys and when I dropped of Layne, I picked up Brett. He hung out at our house until it was time for us to leave again. Around 2, we loaded up for the pool and when everyone was settled there I ran a few errands. 
  • I went to the Dollar Store, Michaels, Walmart, Staples and then back to the Dollar Store again. The kids played and played-Brett entertained the boys and the girls had lots of buddies that were there. We dried everyone off and then headed home for showers.
  • We popped a freezer meal in the oven and were soon eating. After we ate, the kids all sat in the living room playing on their ipads before we watched a tv show before bedtime.
  • Reagan update-we didn't hear much today but we did see some pictures. She worked a sports camp this morning and then went on a hike this afternoon. I think that this evening they did more canvassing of the nearby neighborhoods. I know that she is having a blast!

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