June 7, 2017

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  • Graham was awake early and in the bonus room playing the xbox early this morning. Anderson was not too far behind him but he stopped in his chair by the window with his ipad. Soon Campbell was awake and a few minutes later, I walked into the school room closet to turn off the light and there was Whitman looking at the puzzles. Later, I had to wake up Keaton and Reagan so they would have time for breakfast.
  • We started on chores this morning-mostly emptying trash cans. Then it was bathing suit time for everyone and soon we were in the car headed to the pool. I wasn't able to do Keaton's reading book with her before we left, so her and Campbell worked on it while we drove.
  • The weather was pretty cool today so the kids were freezing in the pool for the first little bit. They eventually warmed up and I even joined them for a little bit. Everyone really wanted for me to take off Whitman's life jacket. I did and the boy can't swim! Bless, he doesn't kick or move his arm but he is almost tall enough to touch in the circle pool so I just need to let him do a bit of playing in that area to practice. 
  • Whitman worked on his "swimming" for a good while with all 5 of his big brothers and sisters hollering at him trying to get him to swim to them. As soon as he would take off, 10 hands would reach for him-to push him to the edge, lift him up or grab him. Whitman has never been anywhere near the water without his life jacket so being in water without his jacket was a completely new experience.
  • The Stotts and Crafts were both at the pool with us so it was a big party and the three hours that we were there flew by. Soon we were leaving and Reagan went home with Kennedy for the afternoon and the rest of my crew came home with me and helped me unload the car. Unloading from the pool takes just a bit of time to hang up towels, change into new clothes, empty the ice chests and refill water bottles but it is immensely easier than it was just a few years ago.
  • The afternoon was pretty quiet around here. The kids played outside for a little bit and I tried to convince Whitman to take a nap. I was the only one interested in a nap though. Soon I was calling the girls in for supper and we were eating sloppy joes and tater tots before I shuffled them to VBS down the road.
  • I was only home a bit when it was time to go and pick up Reagan from church. She found out that she is on the sports team for her mission trip and was excited about all of the info the learned. She would have only had about 30 minutes at VBS so she opted to come on home. 
  • After just a minute, I turned back around to pick up the kids. Whitman came out saying that he had the best time ever. Though Campbell told me that when he heard that the girls were ahead in the offering, he shouted, "I give up." I don't think he understands that it is all going to a good cause. 
  • Once at home, everyone had showers and then I passed our vanilla wafers and peanut butter for a snack. After a short tv show, it was then bedtime!

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