June 28, 2017

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  • Day 3 of VBS (Anderson and Graham), day 2 of soccer camp (Keaton and Campbell), day 2 of basketball camp (Anderson and Graham), day 4 of mission trip (Reagan). 
  • The boys were up first this morning and I did have to wake up Campbell. Anderson is still very hoarse and even asked to stay home today. We encouraged him to go and did tell him that he could stay home tomorrow if his throat was still sore (though I did mention that I think doughnuts were the breakfast plans for tomorrow so I bet he can't pass that up.)
  • Shannon took the boys to VBS and once Anderson was on the way there, he did perk up. Robby took the girls to soccer camp and Whitman was still at Grannymom's house for his sleepover. 
  • That left me all alone in the house which rarely happens. I flew through my list and soon was on the treadmill. I decided that spending time on the treadmill is really just a time waster. Seriously, I had so much that I should have been doing and no time to the treadmill but I pressed on.
  • Soon I was on the road headed to Goodwill just to look around. I didn't find anything but did have to hurry to pick up the boys. I would have been there on earlier but I just drove right on past Rock Creek and kept on driving. After I turned around, I picked up my boys who both had a great time.
  • As they ate lunch, I shuttled them to basketball camp. Next stop was picking up Whitman from Grannymom's house. He had a good time but was also happy to see me. Then we drove to the soccer fields to pick up the girls. 
  • We were there a bit early and had time to see the girls before everything was over. They were having a good time and didn't even sit near us during the close. 
  • Back at home, the girls and Whitman helped me make a dessert for Reagan's return. The dessert was Keaton's idea and Graham really wanted to make something to for his sister (so sweet that they missed her) but he will be gone most of the day.
  • We were home just long enough to finish the desserts, when we loaded up to pick up the boys and then meet Robby at the pool. Robby brought pizza and soon Cash and Lilly arrived. The kids played and played until around 7. I headed home with the boys and Robby and the girls were not too far behind us. We changed and then headed to the Wilson's house.
  • After an almost two mile walk, we played some cards. Now, my mission is to teach the kids how to play that game. When we noticed that Whitman was sound asleep, we decided that we should head home and put that baby into bed. Everyone else headed to bed too and my girls were so excited when we reminded them that Reagan will come home tomorrow.

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