June 6, 2017

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  • I woke up to Graham beside my bed this morning. He was feeling sick and bless that child, when he is sick, he acts like he is having a panic attack. He almost becomes hysterical which makes me a bit crazy. I just want to shout at him, "calm down and just throw up already." He did eventually calm down and throw up but it did take him a while-a long while of him just sitting in the bathroom.
  • I started on the kitchen work and had made a Mexican casserole to freezer and almost cooked all of my meat before Graham finally made it back to the living room couch. I had finished cooking 2 pounds of sausage and 4 pounds of hamburger when he flew by me back to the bathroom.
  • Next was a nap for Graham while the other started waking up and beginning their school work and chores. Word that Graham wasn't feeling well spread fast and as soon as Whitman walked down the steps, he was filled in on Graham's status and even asked me if he could whisper in the living room.
  • Soon it was noon and I wasn't even anywhere near making lunch. Anderson and I had organized all of the toys in the boys' room. I made a Star Wars light switch for their room and Anderson had me make another craft for him. I worked with Keaton on her reading book and checked a few pages of math. Lunch was served around 1-Graham did eat a few pieces of toast.
  • Reagan so wanted me to make everyone go outside so after the boys finished their xbox game, I shooed everyone outside. The neighbors were soon out and the kids played most of the afternoon stopping only to eat popsicles.
  • I made everyone put on new shirts and then served up lots of leftovers-corn, hot dogs, spaghetti and baked potatoes. Graham was feeling better by now and soon Robby was taking everyone to VBS.
  • I headed to Shannon's house for a bit of freezer cooking. She made cinnamon rolls, smothered pork chops and chicken enchiladas.  I made breakfast burritos, crockpot zesty lime chicken, and something else...which for the life of me I can not remember. Yes, my third was Pioneer Woman's sour cream noodle bake. 
  • Meanwhile the kids were having fun at VBS-Whitman held the Bible during the pledge and the kids said he did well. Keaton came home with a pocket full of candy, Anderson was excited that the boys' offering was nearing the girls and Reagan is disappointed that she is going to miss tomorrow's craft (she will be at church.)
  • I made it home right after everyone had been tucked in. Whitman was the only one who was asleep and everyone else wanted to tell me about everything before they left me give them a goodnight hug. 

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