June 10, 2017

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  • I woke wide awake at 6 this morning which was not exactly my plan. Thankfully, I was able to go back to sleep until someone came and laid in bed with me. I thought that it was Keaton but later figured out that it was Campbell. 
  • It didn't take too long before the kids started coming in asking for breakfast. I told the girls that they could help me make the cinnamon rolls which was just a ploy to have them leave the boys alone for a bit. Campbell quickly checked the fridge looking for cinnamon roll cans because I could tell her that our breakfast was in the freezer.
  • We finished off our first of the freezer meals with the cinnamon rolls. They were delicious and I could take one right now. The kids ate and the boys headed upstairs to play the xbox. I am not really sure what Keaton and Campbell did but I do know that Whitman dumped all of his legos. It was certainly a mess but he stayed upstiars for a good long time.
  • Robby and I headed down to the bottom of the yard and worked on the ditch. It didn't take a very long time and only one snake was found. But most importantly, I drove the tractor for the first time. I will say I know why that Robby enjoys his tractor, it is like driving a go cart.
  • Once we had picked up our stuff, the kids changed into their swimsuits and headed off with Robby. Reagan stayed back with the neighbors to go swimming with them. I also left the house but ran a few errands and then delivered pizza to the swimmers (a bit later than they had hoped.)
  • I grabbed Keaton and chauffeured her to a birthday party in Benton. She had so much fun jumping on the bouncys but after a few hours of swimming and a couple of hours of jumping, she was ready to leave as soon a I gave her the 5 minute warning.
  • Back at home, we had a bit of down time-Robby burned some and did some more yard work, I worked on the ever growing mound of laundry and the kids watched some tv. After supper, Reagan came back home and then we were loading up again.
  • We don't have many outings that start at 8 but Caroline and Michael's birthday parties were tonight at their pool. So  everyone was excited and Whitman knew immediately that he wants to have his next birthday party there too.
  • The kids swam, froze and ate and everyone had a good time. Campbell was thrilled because she was getting to go home and spend the night with the Heltz. Hopefully, she will get some sleep tonight but that is pretty doubtful.

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