June 13, 2017

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  • I had read a text message wrong on Sunday so when Candice wrote today saying that she would be at the pool at 11:15, I was thrown into a tizzy. I was planning on getting there at 1 so as the kids were getting ready to leave for Nonna's house, I threw bathing suits and lunch in bags and ice chests.
  • It actually worked out better so we didn't have to double back and go home but the kids were disappointed when I explained that we would be spending less time in the car this way. They were disappointed because less car time means less time to listen to their book on tape. 
  • I dropped everyone but Keaton off at Nonna's house and Keaton and I headed to the doctor. This was a quick check about her getting sick at night occasionally.  She passed her exam today but will get a prescription for reflux meds along with a CT scan. 
  • Keaton and I ran back to Nonna's house just in time to watch the kids take brownies out of the even and ice them. Everyone changed into their suits and then we all enjoyed some yummy brownies. 
  • We then met all of our buddies at the pool. The kids loved playing with everyone and for the most part everyone played well. Twice during our swimming, the bottom fell out and it just rained and rained. By the time we would move all of our stuff to a dry spot, the rain would stop and the sun would be back out.
  • At 2, we headed home. I had everyone help me empty the car and then we started on a bit of packing. The kids love packing their boxes that sit beside them with toys and things for the trip. Reagan is uber organized, Anderson is very haphazardly but takes time to help Whitman, Graham really thinks about what he wants to bring. Now Keaton and Campbell just try to bring everything they can fit in their box. It took Reagan and me 10 minutes to pack their box so that we could close it.
  • Soon Whitman was dozing and everyone else were playing outside. They stayed outside until almost 9. They did come in to eat supper briefly when Robby arrived home with supper. Then it was back outside until we finally called them in. 
  • It was time for showers and then some last minute chores around here. Everyone is in bed right now and hopefully they all stay there. Whitman joined us around 6 this morning and he takes up most of the bed!

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