October 10, 2017

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  • Just as I was coming upstairs to wake Whitman, he was coming downstairs. His first question for me today was "what day is it?" I am not sure if he was pleased or not when I said that it was a school day. He did quickly get on his clothes and was soon at the bar.
  • After herding him towards his clothes, I opened the pantry to see what today's breakfast menu was. My heart sank when I saw eggs and toast. There just doesn't seem to be much time in the morning and eggs are not as quick as a bowl of cereal or a pop tart though they are probably much healthier. 
  • I was still able to cook 7 eggs and toast all of the bread in the house before Whitman had to leave for school. The rest of us finished eating and then started on our work together. I am not too sure what took so long today but we finished that a bit later than usual.
  • That might be the reason that I was still working on school stuff at 12:30. School did go fairly smoothly today with Campbell the only one having a meltdown. My boys did fool around a bit and I possibly need a camera to make sure that Anderson is always working. Graham is continuing to do well at his new school desk-that is a big relief.
  • We ate our lunch and then everyone started on their chores. I went to the attic to work on garage sale stuff and the boys played on the xbox some, some folks went outside for a little bit, there was some painting and of course there was the daily fort building that happens around here.
  • Around 3:30, I started rushing around rounding everyone up and herding them to the car. Our first stop this evening was the library. We were on the other side of town so we went to another library. My kids acted like they had never seen another library before. My boys rarely find books that they want from our library but we checked out a basket full. The girls even spotted a cake contest coming up in November. I think that we will be returning to that library.
  • Then it was to fill up my gas tank and a quick run in to Kroger. Now, it was a quick stop but since we are down to zippo food in the house, we only bought about half of the things on my list. I shoved everything in ice chests and then we headed to Grannymom's house.
  • Robby was already there with supper and Whitman was thrilled to see us (not really). We ate and then headed to Mt. Holly Cemetery for Tales from the Crypt. The line was long, very long-about 2 hours long. The weather was chilly-especially for those Dennie boys who didn't take Grannymom up on the offer of a jacket. I am pretty sure that they will never pass on a coat again.
  • We made it inside the gates and walked around the cemetery listening to eight different characters. One actor ended by inviting everyone back for strawberries when he picked some more. Whitman quickly asked if we could come back sometime. I guess he wasn't too worried about walking around a dark cemetery. He wasn't too concerned about using the restroom in the cemetery either (when you have to go, you just have to go-thankfully, we were able to do it discreetly.)
  • The kids all seemed to enjoy it, but were happy to get back in the warm car. We left Robby's car at Grannymom's house to pick up in the morning. Then we rushed home for showers, snacks and bedtime for the kids. Laundry, 2 pans of monkey bread, unloading groceries and putting away about 50 library books for Robby and me.

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