October 2, 2017

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  • My Graham was still asleep this morning even though everyone else in this house was already awake. He must be getting sick or something because that is definitely odd for him. I finally woke him up when I went up to open all of the blinds.
  • We ate breakfast and just as we finished, it was time for Whitman to head to school. Robby and I both made double sure that he had his shoes on this morning. He had his shoes and couldn't wait to get there. That boy loves school-though he did say that he was going to go to collect in Ms. Jennifer's class. 
  • We did our work together this morning and afterwards, it was school time. We typically have more work on Monday morning so it was no surprise that we were still working hard at 12:30 when we stopped for lunch. When Robby showed up around 2:30, we were still working-at least it was just Reagan who had done most of a tomorrow's school as well. Campbell was still working at 4:30 but that was because she did everything she could except for do school today. (Anderson, my slowest worker, was one of the first finished today.)
  • After lunch, everyone worked on their chores and soon the house was looking decent again. This meant that I could relax even though we still had much more school to do-at least some folks did. 
  • Nonna and Pops brought Whitman home from their house. He had a big day at school and enjoyed playing at their house. When he came home, he was ready to play with everyone. Graham made snacks for everyone-pretzels and peanut butter.
  • I was able to paint a bit, finish some other chores and get supper ready this afternoon. The kids ventured outside at one point and I made Whitman ride his bike one quick little bit. He is finally getting the hang of pedaling.
  • We had a new dish for supper-I found a recipe that used what we had in the pantry. I only needed one can of soup. We ate about 1/4th of it! I am not too sure how much the kids loved it but it was decent at least.
  • Robby ran an errand with Tony while the kids cycled through the showers here and then we played one round of Wheel of Fortune followed by a Sushi Go. Since Robby was gone, we also watched a bit of a school video. No one was happy about that until I pulled out the snacks-that always makes everything better.
  • Then we had some downtime before bed! I tried to finish the blog before bed but became distracted with the game the girls were playing on their ipads. At a bit before 9, it was bedtime for this crew! Big day tomorrow-Dentist day!

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