October 20, 2017

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  • Since it was Friday morning, I wasn't in much hurry to wake up and get school started. Campbell and Graham were already working on their school-Keaton came in and gave me a report. She laid down with me for a bit and then Campbell joined us after a while. 
  • I let everyone pick their own breakfast this morning and read a bit as they all ate. Then it was time for school. After working together on a four day school week, I don't really have to work with anyone individually. I just have to check their work so by 11 I was finished with my work even though a few folks were still finishing their school.
  • I was able to put together a costume for Whitman for his book character day in November. I also did a bit of work on our teacher Christmas gifts. I did teacher gifts last year and I believe that was the first time I did Sunday school teacher gifts in many, many years. This year I am doing CBS teachers too. I tried attempted to make 7 but only came out with 3 that I could use. You would assume that 3 coats of paint would be better than 2 but apparently not! Ha! Oh, well, that is why you start things early!
  • Soon, Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Campbell. Campbell was pretty excited about leaving-she flew through her school work and packed as soon as she could. Maybe my kids need somewhere to go every day after school so they can get finished quickly. (Now, I didn't brag on Anderson yesterday but he did do 4 pages of math yesterday so he didn't have to do any today. It did help that his math was pretty easy this week.)
  • After Campbell left, I went back to work on my Christmas gifts and the kids were anything but quiet. I am not sure what all happened but they did this and did that. The house looked like a tornado had hit it. I would have thought that Whitman would have been more into his movies this afternoon since he didn't watch much this morning-he worked with me, he worked and read with Reagan, Campbell, Anderson, Graham and even Keaton read to him. He definitely got his school in this morning.
  • Robby and I went outside to play catch with the boys and ended up playing a game of football with them. I have watched football all of my life but I will say that this was the first time that I think that I have ever played football. The boys had fun but I think that I will stick to watching football.
  • We ate supper at ChickFilA and then ran to Home Depot and Walmart afterwards. Once we came home, the kids watched a bit of tv and then Robby even turned on a documentary about Hawaii. That was when I fell sound asleep.
  • While I was snoozing, Pops text and this is what I text him back, "Good bane. Glagolitic she den." I quickly caught my mistake and woke up but gracious me, sometimes I do think that I might possibly be losing my mind. I thought that today when I was having major contact problems earlier in the day and couldn't see a thing.
  • Around 10, we put the kids to bed and that is when I woke up enough to decide that I need to paint the baseboard in this room and even paint our tv cabinet....but probably not tonight.

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