October 1, 2017

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  • I was up early enough this morning that when I climbed out of the shower and looked at the clock, I thought that we just had 10 minutes until time to leave. The kids were up and mostly ready by that time but to leave in just 10 minutes would have required a lot of yelling. Thankfully, I came to my senses before giving orders. I realized that we had an hour and 10 minutes before the ship had to sail.
  • I was asking Keaton what she wanted for breakfast this morning and she said "donuts." I replied that we didn't have donuts. She then said, "but Ms. Tracy makes them for her kids." Yep, I reminded her that I was not Ms. Tracy and she could pour herself some cereal.
  • So let's talk about church for a few moments. Today was Lord's Supper day and since Robby was helping to pass it around, he was not sitting with us. This would have been fine last year but this year, Whitman is in big church with us.
  • It all started off with Whitman trying to ask me a question. I thought that he was going to ask something about church or what was said, so I let him. He asked in his not so very quiet voice, "why do we have snot in our noses?" I shushed him and he replied, "please tell me know." It really just went downhill from there.
  • I looked down once, and Graham was sitting in front of me on the floor. He was whispering about blowing his nose. My answer was not a chance. He went to sit down but then during the end of the sermon, I told him that he could go but he had to leave and go that way (I pointed clearly). He just stared at me like I was speaking French. Finally, he left and soon returned before the Lord's Supper started. 
  • At one point, I had my hand over Whitman's mouth for so long that I thought briefly that he might pass out. Then it came time to pass the Lord's Supper. Whitman was fine but the when the passed the juice around, the passers just left whole container of juice in my hands. I thought we were going to end the service with me still holding 45 tiny juice cups.
  • I used to wonder why I was so tired on Sunday afternoons-now, I know. I also used to not be a big supporter of children's church, but I think that I might just enroll my kids in one...if only we had one.
  • When church was over, we headed to Grannymom's house to eat lunch. Shelley and Zach were there since Zach had one more game in his soccer tournament. We all ate our food and definitely enjoyed dessert (a Dairy Queen blizzard cake.) Then we loaded up with Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly and Cash to watch Zach's last game. 
  • It was hotter out there today and Zach's team was a bit tired. They did lose 3-0 but we were all glad that we were able to watch him play. After the hot, hot game, Grandpa bought everyone drinks at Sonic on the way home which helped the kids attitudes tremendously.
  • We dropped off Grannymom and Grandpa off and then headed home. We cleaned and vacuumed out the van. Afterwards, Robby and I both went to work trying to mark off things on our to do lists. I was pretty productive while the kids watched an episode of Shark Tank.
  • We did have supper sometime during that time and I sure would like a bowl of ice cream right about now but I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow!...or maybe not!

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