October 23, 2017

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  • I was having the craziest dream this morning so I was glad to wake up and start the day. The boys were all awake this morning on their ipads. I laid out Whitman's clothes and he was ready by the time I made it back down the stairs from waking up the girls.
  • We had our breakfasts as I read to everyone. Then Robby hauled Whitman to school and the rest of us started on school. Since we had to leave early, I just did spelling with everyone and not all of their other items. This helped me be able to finish before we had to leave and gave them a bit more time to get their work done. 
  • We met Whitman at the doctor's office and everyone was thrilled to be there. Whitman walked in the door telling everyone that he was healthy. This was his attempt at saying that he didn't need the shot that I kept telling him would keep him healthy. Reagan was panicked because I thought it was time for the second of one of her immunizations. Fortunately for her, it was too early for that.
  • When it was shot time, Anderson stepped up to have his first. Whitman and I were taken to a room but I did hear Keaton. Robby said that she was crying before she even got her shot. I am not really sure if she was crying or yelling. 
  • Whitman had an ear recheck, and after 12 weeks one of his ears still has fluid behind it. Urgh. That means we are now headed to an ENT appointment. (Along with an appointment for Reagan since one of her brackets came off today, I need to go back to the eye doctor because my contacts are wonky and I'll need a check up before the end of the year...I think I'm having a panic attack! Ha!) Anyway, if his ear is full of fluid then that makes hearing pretty tough in that ear. Hopefully, the fluid will be gone by the time our appointment rolls around in November. 
  • Once we all made it back home, we ate lunch followed by some chores. The kids vegged for a bit and then the girls started on putting together a dollhouse that Campbell received last Christmas. Everyone went outside (not voluntarily) for a bit this afternoon. I walked on the treadmill some too.
  • I heated up a skillet meal for supper and I thought that it was pretty decent. There were quite a few veggies which I ate, but no one else in this house ate. Well, Whitman did eat a piece of squash since I made him before he had another piece of cheese toast (which I made because I didn't want for my people to starve.)
  • Robby took the boys to basketball tryouts tonight. Whitman, Reagan, Campbell and Keaton didn't came downstairs at all while they were gone-well, except for the last 10 minutes while we scrambled and rushed everyone to the showers. They were all upstairs working on making a movie on the ipad. Reagan did the filming and producing, Keaton was a mermaid, Campbell was something (I forgot) and Whitman was a crab. 
  • Once the boys made it home, they showered and everyone had a bite of cereal before it was time for bed. Tomorrow will be another busy day.

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